Welcome to researcher, author and blogger Watchman on the Wall’s website. I am the author of The Final Days of the End Times trilogy of books consisting of:

  1. Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad: A Roadmap for God’s Elect Living in the Final Days of the End Times, 
  2. Spiritual Warfare in the Final Days of the End Times, and
  3. Reflections of a Watchman on the Wall in the Final Days of the End Times, 

and more recently, in early 2021, two more books:

4. The Final Act of God’s Play, and

5. The Great Con: Solving the Mystery of Trump an Q Anon

All five books are available in both paperback and eBook formats on all major eReader platforms.

Further, I am the compiler, editor and publisher of the trilogy of Christian poetry entitled, Ode to Jesus Christ: Poems by Darl Dinger and Louise Carter, which address many of the same subjects and themes of my three books.

My pen name, Watchman on the Wall, is derived from two passages found in the Book of Ezekiel: 3:17-21 and 33:1-11 which describe the calling YHWH (God) has upon my life which I have discovered over the past several years through a number of trials and afflictions which YHWH has allowed to come into my life to refine, test, mature and teach me the unique role He ordained for me beforehand. My call as a watchman in these final days of the end times is to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm of the coming calamity upon the wicked, to teach and explain what’s coming and why, and to urge the few who still are able (the elect) to confess and repent of their many sins and submit their wills and their lives fully to the lordship of Yahushua (Jesus) while there is still time to do so. As the two passages in Ezekiel explain, should I fail to meet this call which God has placed upon my life, and people perish in their sins, they will be held accountable for their actions, but God will hold me responsible for their deaths. On the other hand, if I sound the warning and the people God has entrusted to my care fail to heed my warnings and perish, God will hold them accountable for their sins, but will not hold me responsible for their deaths. Clearly, this is a very challenging burden for anyone to bear, but I do so willingly and obediently out of my profound love for God, who saved me from my own sins and depravity twenty years ago.

We are living in the last days prophesied in the Bible for the last 2,000 years. In the very near future, Yahushua (Christ) will return to gather the elect from the last 6,000 years, marry His bride, the true body of believers in Christ from all time, and then return with his army of resurrected saints to tread the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God upon the wicked who remain upon the earth at that time. My books reveal and explain all of this and a whole lot more.

The purpose of this website is to give readers of my books access to a number of tools, my blog in particular, to add further value and benefits to what my books reveal and explain for the benefit of the elect. The Bible teaches the doctrine of election which reveals to mankind that God has chosen some people since before the world began as His elect, whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life, who would one day, at a time and in a manner of God’s choosing, and at His initiative, place His Holy Spirit in us, He would orchestrate events so that we would hear the gospel (first the bad news of man’s total depravity, followed by the good news that Christ has paid the price we deserve to pay for us, in exchange for our submitting our lives and our wills to His lordship thereafter), we would believe it, and become His adopted born again sons and daughters for all eternity in a new heaven and a new earth.

The Bible further reveals that God does not elect all people to receive such blessing. In fact, it implies that the vast majority of mankind are of the non-elect. Such people are referred to in Romans 9:21-23 as vessels of dishonor, fitted unto destruction and God’s wrath, whereas the elect are referred to as His vessels of honor and mercy. The doctrine of election is not a doctrine that is often taught today, in these final days of the end times and it is not at all popular. The Bible predicts and explains this too.

It goes on to predict that all forms of organized religion will “fall away” from the full and complete teachings of the Bible and teach fables instead of the truth, telling people (the non-elect) what their itching ears wish to hear.  I won’t ever do that. I am here to teach the truth to the few (the elect) who might listen. As such, my messages and teachings are not popular and I have experienced much opposition to what I teach from the Bible that false teaching pastors don’t wish for others to hear. They view me as their adversary, and rightly so. I am here to expose their lies and reveal the truth for the benefit of the elect.

The elect have two primary traits above all others. They tenaciously pursue the truth, even if it is less than pleasant, and they exhibit a genuine sacrificial love for the long term-best interests of their fellow man over their own immediate wants and comforts. Eternity is as long-term as it gets. It takes great courage and profound love to tell a person that they are in danger and heading to hell and risk the relationship to tell them the truth. Few have the guts to do such a thing. The elect, of whom I am one, have the guts and the love to tell those they care about the truth, even if it risks offending the other. Offense is the first step to convicting a person’s heart of their own sinfulness, depravity and spiritual lostness. In these final days of the end times, I don’t expect to find many of the elect inside any form of organized religion. I expect them to exhibit a truth, integrity and love about them that probably has been wounded and hurt by others. Many are likely to have been part of some form of organized religion in the past, but for one reason or another, were repelled by it and walked away.  These are my target audience: the elect.

In contrast, the non-elect will be defined by their behaviors too. The Book of Proverbs is a great place to start in this regard. It defines those who mock, scorn, scoff, ridicule, dismiss and deny the truth as wicked fools who are lacking in true knowledge, understanding and wisdom. These are the tell-tale signs of the non-elect who are at enmity with and in rebellion against God because this is how God made them to be. I used to blog extensively under my moniker Watchman on the Wall on Disqus and readers will witness my exposing and rebuking those who exhibit these tell-tale traits of the wicked, the non-elect.  I do so quite intentionally to teach the elect what wicked fools look like and how to demolish their lies with biblical truth.

The teachings of the Bible in their entirety is my absolute, universal, objective standard of all truth. The Bible claims it to be the pure (flawless, inerrant, infallible) and inspired words of God to mankind. It has never been successfully proven otherwise, although many have tried. I accept the KJV of the Bible to be what it claims and I have never found it to be in error or to contradict itself on anything. Thus, anything which contradicts or conflicts with any teaching of the Bible HAS to be a lie. By this standard of truth, we can quickly discover that our world today is nothing but an endless web of lies and deceit. Almost nothing we have ever been told or taught is true. This is how Satan, the father of lies, rules mankind and has throughout all of world history to this point. Now that we are at the end, the truth is finally emerging and being revealed and God is using me as one of His instruments in doing that.

I invite and encourage visitors to this site to engage with me and with others who number among the elect so that we might teach and learn from one another. In intent, this website belongs to you, my fellow born again elect. I hope you will use it that way and to test and challenge me with hard facts, using logical reasoning and trustworthy authorities to learn what is the truth.