Why the 1611 KJV is the Only Bible Worth Reading

For anyone paying attention, we live in a world at war in which we are opposed by a cruel and ruthless enemy who seeks to destroy all of mankind, if he can. That enemy is Satan, or the devil, who the Bible teaches us is very real and who rules the world through endless lies, deceit and treachery. One of Satan’s most clever schemes to deceive anyone seeking to discover what the Bible actually says and means and how it applies to our daily lives is to offer up numerous counterfeits of any accurate word-for-word translation into English of the original Hebrew and Greek autographs which God inspired the 40 or so authors of the books of the Bible to write exactly what God intended. This article explains just how distorted many professed English translations of the Bible really are and what any person of genuine honesty and intellectual integrity can and should do to avoid being deceived, and thus harmed, by such fraudulent “translations.”

In Chapter 2 of my book, Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad; A Roadmap for God’s Elect Living in the Final Days of the End Times, I reveal six compelling reasons why we can have 99.9% confidence that mankind is able to determine the precise words of the original autographs which God inspired 40 godly authors of the Bible to write precisely what He intended. I encourage readers to take the time to read that chapter closely, since it refutes a number of distortions concerning the preservation of the original manuscripts of the Bible that Satan and his army of Satan worshippers have used to try to discredit the Bible in every way imaginable over the last several thousand years. There is a very good reason why Satan directs such animosity at the teachings of the Bible. That reason is because he fears and abhors its teachings with an unbridled passion. This is because he knows, as some of us also know, that it is precisely what it claims to be: the pure, infallible and inspired words of God of absolute, universal and objective truth, knowledge, understanding and wisdom to mankind; in particular, to His elect. Briefly stated, those six compelling reasons why we can be confident that God has spoken to His elect through His Bible are as follows:

  1. Prophecy: Hundreds of prophecies, written hundreds of years before Christ’s birth, were fulfilled with hair-splitting accuracy in the life of Yahushua (Jesus). Such a result can only be explained by a supernatural handprint of an all-powerful God who has predestinated such things and has the power to make them come to pass precisely as prophesied.
  2. Unity: The Bible reflects a supernatural unity from beginning to end in spite of the fact that it was written by a variety of authors of different backgrounds over a 1,500 year period on a variety of topics of profound importance to the nature of man and his existence. No other book comes close to achieving such a result.
  3. Answers the Big Questions of Life Coherently: The Bible addresses all the big questions of life, such as what is the origin of man, what is man’s nature, what is God’s nature, what is man’s problem, what is the solution to man’s problem and what happens to us when we die? Many other world religions address these same questions with answers which defy common sense and what we know about the world. But the Bible provides answers which reflect what we know to be common sense and consistent with other things we can observe empirically in our world.
  4. The Bible is an Index to History: If God is who He claims to be, you’d expect Him to get His history right in the Bible. And He does, as widely supported by the findings of archeology and of recorded history from secular sources, such as the writings of the Jewish historian Josephus, and those of the Roman historian Tacitus, whose works consistently corroborate the history of the nation of ancient Israel reported in the Bible. Moreover, in this context, the Bible reports on the amazing history of a man named Yahushua (Jesus), who claimed to be the son of YHWH and the Messiah of Old Testament prophecy, and then proved it convincingly.
  5. The Bible Transforms Lives for the Better: Billions of men have experienced life changing transformation by following the precepts of the Bible. They don’t merely survive; they thrive as never before, and find a joy, peace, love and wisdom beyond normal human experience. Moreover, this life transformation has occurred across cultures and over the last 2,000 years. It is a universal experience, not isolated to any one culture, race or time period.
  6. The Bible is a Fighter: If the Bible were not a supernatural book, it would have been destroyed long ago. Many have tried to do just this. All have failed.

Combined, these reasons provide any reasonable person with many valid justifications to place their trust in the Bible and give it the benefit of the doubt to make its case by reading and seeking to understand the intent of its divine author without any preconceived notionbs, biases or prejudices.

Chapter 2 of my book goes on to explain the science of textual transmission which reveals why we can be quite confident that we are able to recreate the original words God inspired in the original Hebrew and Greek languages with an incredible degree of confidence which far surpasses any other book of antiquity we have in our possession today. Finally, it addresses the common view that the Bible is subject to an endless array of different interpretations, which is fundamentally a dishonest treatment of any written text. After all, when reading any other book or letter does anyone with any honesty or intellectual integrity start with what they want the text to say and mean? Or do they seek to understand the true intent of the author that he or she is seeking to communicate to his or her readers? The answer could not be more obvious. But when it comes to eternal matters, carnal man is endlessly deceitful and seeks to deny what the words of the Bible clearly say and mean. For example, how many different ways can the following words of John 3:26 honestly be understood?

“He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not on the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God (Eloah) abideth on him.”

Truthfully, how can anyone in his right mind not understand this passage to mean that anyone who believes Yahushua (Jesus), keeps His commandments and submits to His will shall have eternal life and anyone who does not, shall not see eternal life, but eternal wrath instead? The only explanation for why 33,000 different nominal Christian denominations exist today is because liars rule every last form of organized religion and none of them have any real honesty or intellectual integrity to them. In short, if you wish to find genuine and objective Biblical truth, you will never find it in any form of organized religion or institutional IRS 501(c)3 church. You just won’t. The devil got there first and corrupted the truth with endless lies and counterfeits of the real deal.

So if all forms of organized nominal Christian religion are totally corrupt frauds, where will you find objective, absolute, universal truth that can save anyone? The answer is found in the Bible. But which one? The simple answer is in the 1611 King James Version (KJV) of the English Bible, also known among informed theologians as the Authorized Version or AV version of the English Bible. There is a very good and simple reason for this: it is the only word-for-word translation of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the most trustworthy authenticity and reliability into the English language. All other forms of the Bible that profess to be translations, are in fact, not that at all. Instead, they are idea-for-idea paraphrases of the original texts into English and in the process of formulating such “guesses,” the professed translators introduce their own biases and in many cases, their own demonically-inspired distortions to deceive many naive, gullible and overly trusting people who seek to be spoon-fed the word of almighty God and never really read it for themselves. It never occurs to such people that Satan might have had a hand in distorting objective truth once again. But he has.

The rule of thumb of the honest and those of us of intellectual integrity is that “he who controls the filters through which you view the world, controls your life.” So if you wish to have a human translator with human biases, and who perhaps is even demon-possessed, control your life, you will rely on his or her distorted paraphrase of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Bible. But if you wish to develop a personal and unfiltered relationship with the creator God of the universe, you will go straight to the source and seek the very words of God Himself to get to know Him precisely as He is – not as some wicked fool wishes for you to believe He is, which is twisted, distorted and dead wrong.

Many people object to reading and studying the KJV of the Bible because of its usage of what amounts today to be old English terminology, such as using the words “ye,” “thou,” thy”, “believest,” and the like, but that is merely a spiritual obstacle that the seeker of objective truth must resolve to push through and overcome. Frankly, it takes little real effort to become accustomed to these more precise terms of the old English language than we possess today. This drawback is more than offset by the very real benefit of reading the very words of God translated word-for-word into English with no filters between us and God. If we truly seek to know God as He is, we will do whatever it takes to hear from Him directly with no human filters between us and God.

One trick in this modern era that Satan and his followers love to play is to falsely and arrogantly claim that unless you are a Hebrew and Greek language scholar and go back to the original manuscripts which have been subjected to the science and academic discipline of textual transmission, a person risks not properly understanding the more rich and sophisticated nuances of the original ancient Hebrew and Greek languages. Do not be deceived by such con artists, charlatans and wolves in sheep’s clothing and their con jobs. The work of the committee of Hebrew and Greek language scholars who went back to the most trustworthy of original texts that were normalized via the discipline of textual transmission (explained more fully in my first book), has been subjected to the scrutiny of Biblical and Hebrew and Greek language scholars for the past 400 years and nothing material has been raised that poses serious challenges to anything found in the 1611 KJV of the Bible in English. It just hasn’t. Anyone claiming otherwise is desperate to deceive you. God is sovereign. He is more than capable of shepherding His words to be accurately and faithfully translated word-for-word from Hebrew and Greek into English. The 1611 KJV of the Bible meets such conditions of intellectual integrity and purity. No other professed translation of the Bible into English does.

Anyone who is drawn to the more contemporary paraphrases or idea-for-idea translations of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Bible suffers from misplaced pride and a sense of SELF over a genuine intent to know the God of the Bible as He has chosen to reveal Himself to mankind. The flesh is clever and will find any way imaginable to avoid submitting its will fully to the commandments, thoughts and ways of God. Being drawn to any paraphrase of the Bible into English other than the 1611 KJV of the Bible is a clear and distinct sign of rebellion against YHWH, the ultimate author of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Bible.

To place yet another nail in the coffin of those whose flesh draws them to the distorted paraphrases of the Bible, I direct readers to pages 367-394 of Chapter 31 of Edward Hendries’ book, The Anti-Gospel: The Perversion of Christ’s Grace Gospel, which reveals that the NIV paraphrased version of the Bible contains 64,098 fewer words than the King James version of the Bible, a loss of 10% of words in the Bible. Hendrie goes on to reveal that modern counterfeit paraphrases of the Bible, such as the NIV Bible version, among others, are taken from a corrupted mixture of the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament), Samaritan Pentateuch, Dead Sea Scrolls and a variety of other transcripts. In direct contrast, the Authorized (King James) Version is an English translation of the Masoretic (traditional) Hebrew Old Testament. Similarly, when it comes to the New Testament, the new translations of it, including that of the NIV, are based on corrupt manuscripts including the Roman Catholic Greek texts Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, and a few other texts, the origins of which are a mystery. This compares with the Textus Receptus (received text) of approximately 4,489 Greek New Testament manuscripts known to be extant (existing) today. The vast majority of these manuscripts are in agreement and make up what is known as the Textus Receptus referred to above.

Hendrie further reveals the deliberateness and intentionality of the distortions which went into the creation of the alleged Greek text from which Bible paraphrases such as the New Testament of the NIV are derived. Simply put, if you start from a corrupt alleged source document, no amount of skillful translation from Greek into English can remedy the original and intentional distortions inserted by corrupt Bible “scholars” with an agenda to deceive others from discovering God’s truths. Furthermore, very few Bible students would even think to question the integrity of the alleged original source document. Such depravity and corruption is truly the work of the devil, whose schemes of deception are virtually endless, often very subtle, remarkably clever and often very difficult to detect.

What does all this mean? It means that all modern paraphrases of the Bible are derived from highly questionable and quite likely corrupted original manuscripts from which mere idea-for-idea paraphrases are derived, whereas the KJV of the Bible uses the most authoritative sources of original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts and provides the only word-for-word translation from the original Hebrew and Greek (more trustworthy) manuscripts into English that exists. In short, anyone pursuing any of the modern paraphrases of the Bible in the face of this damning evidence that they are likely to be seriously flawed and corrupted, is not of the truth and therefore is not one of YHWH’s or Yahushua’s true elect sheep as revealed by Jesus to Pilate at John 18:37:

“To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

In other words, anyone reading this analysis who persists in relying upon a modern paraphrase of the Bible, as opposed to the 1611 KJV of the Bible, is revealing that he is not really interested in the truth and is therefore unlikely to be one of God’s elect, even though it is quite likely that he believes or professes otherwise. This is because those who are of the elect, hear the voice of Yahushua and heed it; whereas those who are not of the elect, are not of the truth, and thus are of the lie, and knowingly or unknowingly, serve the devil, the father of lies.

These conclusions have very important implications that every reader needs to consider very carefully. The KJV of the Bible teaches us that only the elect will be caught up into the clouds with Yahushua, in fulfillment of the prophecy of Matthew 24:30-31, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-55, all three of which describe one event from three different perspectives. In my first book, I teach that this event, which has been prophesied for thousands of years, has to occur with hair-splitting accuracy in the very near future. I can state this with 100% confidence only because I know that all prophecy, when fulfilled, is always fulfilled precisely as written and that a single event, which occurred on March 22, 2013, combined with a couple of verses in Daniel 12, now allow us to calculate and deduce precisely that the great tribulation ended on October 2, 2016. Anyone reading a counterfeit form of the Bible in English is far less likely to discover and know this truth, and thus is far less likely to remain watchful for Christ’s second coming, as all of God’s elect are commanded to do.

Moreover, any pastor or teacher of the Bible who does not exhibit an awareness of and extreme vigilance for the sort of Bible distortions revealed here, is failing to manifest the protective instincts of any good shepherd and teacher to guard those entrusted to his care from falling into Biblical error and harm. God’s word reveals that God holds all teachers to a higher standard of care than anyone else and that anyone who fails to conduct himself accordingly, to guard his flock from the wiles of the devil, will be held to account by God and swiftly destroyed for leading others astray. In this context, any pastor or teacher who fails to insist on teaching exclusively from the KJV of the Bible is playing with eternal fire and damnation. To do such a thing, is a horrible example and witness to others and no genuine follower of Christ should ever tolerate or condone such a dangerous practice. The eternal consequences to oneself of doing so are potentially disastrous. Thus, it is very foolish to even expose oneself to the risks involved in reading and relying upon any version of the Bible other than the 1611 KJV of the Bible.

Finally, God is a God of order and simplicity. Satan, on the other hand, is a spirit being who delights in bringing confusion to mankind. Just think of the subtle distortions and resulting confusion which Satan has been able to introduce into various Bible studies and study groups by entertaining competing distortions of the Bible which contend with one another and with the Authentic Version, the KJV of the Bible! Chaos and confusion is the inevitable result, which is just what Satan aims for.

Whenever a pastor or Bible study group leader permits these counterfeits to be introduced and shared within a group that is ostensibly seeking to study what the Bible, says, means and how it applies to people’s lives, there is a psychological trick being played which implies, but does not explicitly state, that all renditions of the Bible in English are equally valid, when in fact I have proven here that they most emphatically are not. The subliminal impression left with most Bible study participants is that we really don’t have a good handle on what God actually inspired the writers of the Bible to write and what He did not. The net effect is quite deliberate and intentional: most Bible study group participants fail to come to have a trust and confidence in the reliability and authenticity of the Bible in any form and thus they fail to believe God, to fear Him as they should, and to keep all of His commandments. This leaves such students of the Bible disobedient to God and not properly knowing Him as He has revealed Himself to be in the entirety of his authentic word, the 1611 KJV of the Bible.

Critical thinking readers reading this article have every reason to be highly annoyed, if not incensed, at the scope of the fraud and corruption that has been perpetrated upon those who seriously are seeking to understand and know God as He has revealed Himself to be to mankind though the written words of His Bible. These are the proper and appropriate emotional responses to experience when one discovers one has been betrayed in order to harm him. Yet the plain truth is that the world has been like this from the very beginning and it has been permitted and allowed by God to fulfill His perfect plan for His elect. God will reveal Himself and the objective truth to all those who number among His elect. How He will do this differs from individual to individual. Now you, the reader, know the truth of the unreliability of all modern versions of the Bible.

Now you have a choice. What will you do with this knowledge? Do you genuinely seek to know God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength? Then you need to remove all distorted filters between you and God and use only the 1611 KJV of the Bible as the only reliable and trustworthy source of His true, inspired and infallible words of wisdom and truth. If, on the other hand, you are drawn to read what you now know to be deliberate distortions of God’s spoken words, know that you are playing fast and loose with the objective truth of God and when the day of judgment arrives, don’t be surprised to hear the words of Christ from Matthew 7:23:

“I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

I cannot imagine more dreadful words to hear. Can you?

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