The Absurdity of the 2016 American Presidential Election

Watchman on the Wall

Since the fall of 2015, I have been watching from a distance the theater and charade of the 2016 American Presidential election and shaking my head in disgust at the ignorance, gullibility and stupidity of the American people who still put up with what should be obvious to all by now is nothing but a wicked and corrupt fraud designed to deceive them. It’s clear to me that the average American will never wake up to this objective reality and that the reason for this rests in the spiritual realm. This cluelessness and strongly delusional behavior of most Americans reveals just how serious America’s moral and spiritual condition is today. It is explained by the fulfillment of the end times prophecy at 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 upon the vast majority of the American public today:

“And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish: because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

The sad truth is that there is not one shred of honesty and integrity to our American political system and processes and virtually everyone is lying about it or playing along with it. In our hearts we all all know this. It is quite evident merely by observing what is reported in the mainstream media, which itself is nothing more than a tool of misinformation and propaganda to endlessly mislead and distract the American public from the evident and objective truth, if you pay any attention at all. Everything we do know about American politics and the candidates running for public office is manipulated through this engine of lies to keep us endlessly off balance and seriously confused. To compound the problem, almost no one is exposing and rebuking the endless inconsistencies that we are being told by everyone in any position of authority who ought to be aware of and know these things. It is truly a damning statement on the depravity, deceitfulness and cowardice of our entire American culture that this sad state of affairs continues to go on largely unchallenged. Hopefully this article will contribute to remedying that for the few people who can see it.

How America’s Political System Really Works

We have all been fed a pack of lies in our high school civics classes of how America’s political system is divided into three branches which are designed to check and balance the accumulation of political power of any one branch of government at the expense of the other two branches and of the rights and freedoms of we, the American people. We have been misled to believe that all votes are equal and that votes for candidates for public office are accurately counted, when in reality, we can easily deduce that they never are. We have been brain washed into believing or assuming that candidates for high political office are men and women of honesty, high moral character, integrity and competence, when the evidence we see every day proves just the opposite. Demonization and vilification of one’s opponents with ad hominem attacks is the norm in almost all political grandstanding and campaigning. All politicians make grand promises every election cycle and never accomplish anything other than to line their own pockets and to advance the agenda of the New World Order globalist crowd, no matter who is declared the winner in every election cycle. Something stinks and we know it, but most of us keep playing by the rules of these psychopath creeps. I am suggesting that we cease doing that, effective immediately, for reasons I will reveal here.

From my extensive research into the global conspiracy and how it operates over the past five years, I have discovered the following:

  1. Every candidate for political office is selected by the global elites to run for political office and they all share share two essential traits: 1) they lie well and get away with it, and 2) they have one or more rather embarrassing indiscretions in their pasts which, if they came to public light, have the power to end their political careers for life. The global elites know what these indiscretions consist of and they use this information to black mail, threaten and bribe their lackeys to do the globalists’ bidding to advance their NWO agenda, no matter who is in power.
  2. Political campaigns cost money: lots of it. The global elites, most of whom are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the most publicly visible arm of the Satan-worshipping Illuminati in America since its founding in 1921, provide the source of funding for virtually all political campaigns. And of course, there are always strings attached in the form of expectations that their funded candidates, once declared the winners, will richly reward their benefactors with lucrative favors in return.
  3. The leadership of the CFR determines in advance who will be declared the winner in each and every political contest and nowhere is this more true than in the American Presidential election every four years. Republicans and Democrats are two arms of a single party, controlled by the same globalist financial backers, who share a common worldview and political agenda to take over the world and enslave the rest of humanity in their hell-on-earth New World Order vision, in which they control all the strings of power behind the scenes outside of the public’s view.
  4. Political campaigns are nothing more than charades and theater to enthrall and excite the masses to pay attention to debates between candidates and to campaign speeches and rallies so that they will pay attention to what the lying media are telling them to believe and to endorse and lend legitimacy to the entire fraud by casting their votes for their favored candidates at the polls.
  5. Once the voting polls are closed, the globalists inform the public of their prior selection choices of each contest, often when as little as 0.5% of the votes have allegedly been counted (a statistical impossibility), through their lying propaganda engines of the mainstream media. These alleged election results are bolstered by manufactured polling data created by the media to convince voters of alleged changes in voting preferences right up to the day of the election. And almost everybody buys it, hook, line and sinker. It is truly quite a masterful con job. The fact that no one squeals about the fraud is truly amazing and can only be explained by the liberal amounts of money lavished on those in the know and on implied or explicit threats to the individuals or their families should they “spill the beans.” Seldom is anyone granted any access to the real workings of American politics until they have fully sold their souls to the devil, in order to become an insider, with all the sex, money and power benefits that such membership in “the club” or cabal entitles them to enjoy.

Welcome to American politics as the game is really played. Politics throughout world history has been a dirty game with big stakes and high rewards, in which those who choose to take the risks are richly rewarded for doing so. It is not a game which those with any honesty or integrity would find the least bit appealing or palatable. Over time, those who are the most ruthless, cunning and ambitious rise to the top of the political power structures, until virtually all political leaders are pathological liars and demon-possessed psychopaths. This is the state of both American and global politics in 2016. Every world leader today is a member of the same Khazar “jewish” Illuminati Freemason Zionist global elite conspiracy of Satan worshippers. Where different nations appear to be at odds with one another is, in many regards, just for show to create an external enemy that each nation’s leaders use to direct their population’s frustrations, fears and hatred against, while the leaders secretly rob their counties blind with virtual impunity. Readers who are familiar with Fabian Socialist author George Orwell’s prophetic novel, 1984, will quickly recognize a familiar pattern of how the elites continually manipulate the masses through the creation of a threatening external enemy. Today in America, that threatening external enemy is radical Islam.

Everyone should be well familiar with the many criminal acts of Hillary Clinton by now. Yet any perusal of the “jewish” controlled mainstream media reveals that she is the de facto choice of the “jewish” global elites in November. This illustrates the immense power that the “jews” wield in America to install whoever they choose into positions of political power as their puppets and servile slaves to do their bidding. All the rest of the theater between now and then is designed to convince the masses that when the elites declare Hillary Clinton as the “the people’s choice” in November, all but a few of us in the know will buy their blatant lie.

It hardly takes a rocket scientist to figure out that Donald Trump, the assumed nominee of the Republican arm of our one party system, has been inserted into their play by the “jewish” Hollywood film directors as their “controlled opposition” to add some drama and emotion to an otherwise meaningless charade and to create the illusion of a sharp divide within the Republican Party, thus handing the general election to Hillary Clinton in November. Now why would Trump agree to play such a spoiler role? The answer always boils down to money in the end. Trump has clearly been offered some lucrative business deals, provided that he fulfills his end of the deal and acts the part of an American businessman who has had enough with America’s insane government practices and policies, thereby serving as a vehicle for disgruntled American patriots to get behind him and blow off some steam and frustration. But in the end, playing by the game rules of the “jewish” psychopaths who secretly run our shadow government, they will lose a game they can never win.

Now why would the “jewish” elites favor a widely known moral deviant and criminal in the form of Hillary Clinton to be declared President in November? Paragraph 5 of Protocol Number 8 of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion provides us with the answer:

“For a time, until there will no longer be any risk in entrusting responsible posts in our States to our brother-Jews, we shall put them in the hands of persons whose past and reputation are such that between them and the people lies an abyss, persons who, in case of disobedience to our instructions must face criminal charges or disappear ‑ this in order to make them defend our interests to their last gasp.”

Anyone with any common sense can see that Hillary Clinton fits this description to a “T.” She does not dare cross her globalist masters on anything or she’s toast, and she knows it. That makes her the perfect puppet for her “jewish” masters.

This fraud and corruption are nothing new to American politics. We can be assured that this game has been played on us going back to at least the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson roughly 100 years ago, and I think it is fair to assume that this con has been played on the American people going all the way back to the founding of this nation 240 years ago by members of the secret society of Freemasonry and the Illuminati posing as our founding fathers.

This time, in 2016, there is something far more profound going on than ever before. As I have revealed extensively in my book and other blog articles, Christ is returning to gather the elect to Himself this fall, in perfect fulfillment of the prophecies of Matthew 24:30-31, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-55. Immediately following November 16 of this year, Christ then returns to tread the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of almighty God upon the wicked who remain left behind in the gathering, in perfect fulfillment of the prophecy of Revelation 19:11-16. Unfortunately, 99.9% of those living on the planet today number among the wicked.

Moreover, the “jewish” global elites know all of this and have fully prepared for it. They also are fully aware of the approach of the brown dwarf star Nibiru, which is heading for a near fly-by of earth whose electro-magnetic discharge and gravitational effects upon earth could account for some, if not all, of the four dramatic celestial events described in Matthew 24:29 and Revelation 6:12-14. According to end times Bible prophecy at Matthew 24:29, these four events (the sun being darkened, the moon not giving off her light, the stars falling from heaven and the powers of the heavens being shaken) all occur immediately after the great tribulation that we are living through right now comes to its end on October 2 of this year. Revelation 6:15-17 tells us what the response of the global elites and world leaders will be to these events:

“And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne (YHWH or God), and from the wrath of the Lamb (Yahushua or Christ): For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”

Today, the global elites and the militaries of the world have dug, equipped and provisioned 150-200 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) in the United States and 2,000 DUMBs worldwide as deep as four miles beneath the surface of the earth in anticipation of this prophetic Biblical event which they know is coming soon. They have been digging these DUMBs ever since the early 1980s, if not before, under tight security. The Roman Catholic Church owns and operates three high tech astronomy observatories across the earth that are shrouded in secrecy. What could an ecclesiastical institution be doing with astronomy observatories apart from a concern for the coming approach of the brown dwarf star Nibiru, that is likely to be one and the same thing with the star identified as Wormwood in Revelation 8:11?

“And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” Revelation 8:11

Now think about it: the timing of these events of Bible prophecy coincides almost precisely with the general election of the 2016 Presidential race. Do you honestly believe this is by sheer accident or coincidence? No, of course not! It cannot possibly be an accident. Therefore, we can safely conclude that the entire 2016 Presidential Election is designed by the world’s “jewish” global elites as nothing more than a colossal diversion and distraction to keep your attention riveted to it, and off of the imminent fulfillment of the end times events prophesied in the Bible for thousands of years which are about to occur and which I have been sounding the alarm and warning about for the past several years.

Given these revelations, that bust the fraud of American Presidential politics wide open, those of us who can see these things are wise to refuse to pay any heed to the circus and charade of this year’s Presidential election. We have every reason to understand that all of American politics is and has been so wicked and corrupt as to make it a total fraud run by demon-possessed psychopaths who lead the Antichrist beast system of the world today. To waste time paying attention to their lies and deceptions is foolhardy and absurd. Refuse to vote. If you do vote, you are legitimizing and endorsing a system that is of the devil and is hopelessly wicked. In times such as these, it is more important than ever before that we focus our time and attention on the vital few things which matter, and ignore the trivial many matters which do not. The 2016 American Presidential race is clearly one of the trivial many distractions that do not matter and that we should give no attention to. Even if all those around us are deceived and insane, God’s born again elect need not succumb to their errors and insanity, which will inevitably result in their perishing in God’s wrath, which is soon to come.

Let the wise understand. The wicked never will. Daniel 12:10 assures us of this. The Bible never lies, changes or fails. Imagine that.

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