The Secret to all of Life

The world operates based on trust and second-hand knowledge. So what if that trust is misguided? What if we have placed our trust in dishonest men and women who seek to mislead us?

Almost everything we have ever been told or taught are hideous lies. So we all live in a world of make-believe, lies and illusions and almost no one is truly sane. This objective, absolute, universal truth reveals that mankind is in a heap of hurt and trouble. It also reveals that most of mankind is clueless and quite irrational. And this is by Gods intentional design. Let that one sink in for a moment. Why would God ever do such a thing?

Maybe the answer lies in figuring out that God has designed all of life as a complex jig saw puzzle, designed for only a few to solve. And only a few of us ever do solve it. Only a few of us ever have the courage to take the red pill and escape fully from this Matrix of endless lies. The secret is found only in God and a healthy fear of Him. God reveals this in Psalm 25:14 to the wise, that is, to the elect. To only those few to whom God has revealed this secret does He reveal His covenant: His promise of eternal life to those who seek to know Him fully, and as He truly is.

Nothing else in all of life really matters if you never discover this secret and the truth that comes with it.

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