Television: The Hideous Monster Lurking in Your Home

One of the most ubiquitous and harmful technologies found in almost every American home is the television; a technology so nefarious and evil, that anyone who properly understands the design intent of this device ought to never allow one in his or her home. The purpose and intent of this article is to inform readers of the dangers and risks of this technology, that has already done untold damage to millions of American lives and families, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this monster ought to be thrown out on its ear, as I believe any sane and informed thinking person ought to conclude.

Figure 1: 2014 Television Viewing Statistics

Source: countries/

First of all, study the amount of time the average person in developed nations wastes viewing television in Figure 1 or at the link above. Sadly the United States leads the list in time per day wasted viewing television. This ought to be a very alarming sign to us all.

Now let’s examine together the serious damaging effects which television viewing has upon healthy cognitive functioning and reasoning, which has been in sharp decline in America for the last several decades, by intentional design.

TV Induces a Hypnotic State in Viewers

Television screens have a built in flicker which causes viewers’ brainwaves to be lowered into an alpha state of mind that is analogous to the mental state produced by eastern forms of meditation or deep relaxation. This allows the subject’s mind to be more easily hypnotized or programmed to accept subliminal programing messages into their subconscious minds which their conscious minds remain totally unaware of. This hypnotic state occurs within 30 seconds for most people; up to 3 minutes for light and infrequent viewers.

It is no accident that eastern forms of meditation, hypnosis and television share a common blanking of the mind which allows demon spirits to enter into people, resulting in confusion and distorted thinking. This is because those behind the television broadcasting industry, the Satan worshipping “jewish” global elites, have been intentionally and deliberately using this technology since the 1950s to brainwash and mind control program viewers to create a passive, compliant, obedient and unthinking population of entertained, distracted, psychologically manipulated and controlled people who have little clue what is being done to them.

The effects of this mind control programming is achieved by altering existing beliefs and forming new ones without viewers even being aware of it. This has obvious benefits for television advertisers seeking to sell viewers their goods and services, but it has even more insidious uses to alter viewers’ perceptions of moral, political, social and faith-based beliefs and their willingness to act on these distorted beliefs.

In light of these objective realities that are seldom understood, it is no accident that the two-way telescreen featured prominently in Fabian Socialist author George Orwell’s prophetic novel, 1984, which quite deliberately sought to warn us of the living hell our world has become today in which that which is evil is deemed good and that which is good is widely viewed as being evil. Our world has been flipped upside down and television has been an instrumental tool in accomplishing this sad result.

TV Harms Critical Thinking Skills

Television viewing causes brain activity to switch from the left side of viewers’ brains that are responsible for logical thinking and critical analysis to the right side of viewers’ brains which produce emotional responses with little or no filtering and analysis of the ideas and information being presented. Thus, television viewers often accept what television is telling them without their doing their own research or challenging what they are seeing and hearing against other known facts to verify its logical coherence and truthfulness before placing their belief in it.

The more people watch TV, the greater the likelihood that they possess and defend a very inaccurate and unrealistic view of reality that the television broadcasting companies have programmed them to believe on behalf of their “jewish” globalist owners and masters.

TV Viewing is Often Addicting

TV viewing releases endorphins, sedative chemicals in the brain, which produce pleasurable feelings similar to the properties of hallucinogenic drugs such as heroin. As such, most television viewers become physically addicted to TV, thus ensuring constant exposure to it, which is a critical factor to be able to effectively program a person’s mind. Similarly, a person who is unable to view his their favorite TV program may experience withdrawal symptoms much like a drug addict. He may become agitated, anxious, angry and willing to go to great lengths to view his pet programs to get his fix.

TV Makes you Less Intelligent

TV viewing reduces higher brain activity and produces greater activity in more primitive regions of the brain, thus causing viewers to become less intelligent and behave in more animalistic ways. For example, advertisers target that portion of the brain responsible for primal urges such as sex, food and power, in order to convince viewers that they need or want a particular product.

TV Will Damage Your Brain

A person’s brain is more active when sleeping than when watching television, which is an entirely passive activity. The health and capability of a person’s brain is directly related to how much a person actively uses it. Reading, for example, requires a person to mentally visualize scenes of that which he is reading, requiring significant brain power and activity to do so. Similarly, interacting with others and building healthy relationships with other family members requires us to listen carefully so as to seek to understand both verbal and non-verbal cues, to empathize with others and to commit ourselves emotionally to others we care about. TV viewing imposes no such demands on heathy brain functioning, visualizing, analyzing and building human relationships. Moreover, excessive TV viewing has been highly correlated with degenerative brain disorders later in life, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

TV Contributes to Short Attention Spans

Excessive TV viewing also has been correlated with the development of short attention spans and an increased risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adults. It is generally believed that frequent scene changes that occur with modern day video editing are responsible for this phenomenon. Frequent scene changes and cuts are used to draw the viewers’ attention to things which change in their environment. The more scene changes there are, the more a viewer’s attention is riveted to the TV screen, however scene changes which occur too frequently can make a video difficult to follow and even make viewers feel sick.

Short attention spans block people from being able to follow any logical reasoning that takes longer than a 20 second sound bite to convey and therefore reduce people’s ability to process complex thoughts that call upon a longer attention span, careful logical reasoning skills and discernment.

TV Viewing Correlated with Increased Risk of Death

A number of studies report that increased television viewing is correlated with an increased risk of death from all sources. This may be due to physical inactivity that comes with excessive TV viewing, as a result of physical degeneration of the brain, and/or reduced cognitive functioning and the ability to properly differentiate between healthy and dangerous lifestyles, behaviors and actions.

TV Viewing Causes Impaired Brain Development in Children

For children whose brain has not yet fully developed, television viewing is particularly harmful, inasmuch as it impairs the healthy development of of the frontal lobe of children’s brains. This region of the brain is responsible for impulse control, judgment and a person’s ability to concentrate, and is not fully developed in males until around age 25 and until around age 22 in females. Such retardation of frontal lobe development can result in anti-social behaviors and an inability to concentrate at school and in other contexts in which critical thinking and analysis are critical for competent functioning and success in life.

TV Desensitizes Our Culture to Sexual Depravity and Violence and Confuses Gender Roles

Adults who can remember back to the early television shows of the 1950s recall how wholesome and innocent such shows were compared to the soft porn and excessive displays of violence that are so commonplace in television shows of today. The cultural transition from the wholesome to the depraved has been a slow, gradual and incremental one, and so is barely recognized by most people. This is all quite deliberate and intentional on the part of the Satan worshipping “jewish” globalists who own and control Hollywood and the media today who have been seeking to defile American morality, traditional marriage and the traditional family any way they can.

Today, it is unheard of for any television show to depict white, middle-aged men as anything other than useless and incompetent appendages to foolish women and children, who are ruling the homes in which they live. Television is being used as a tool to alter each successive generation of young people into believing that that which is healthy, normal and natural is hopelessly backward, perverse and even dangerous to healthy human interactions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yet we routinely allow this garbage and these lies to permeate and reshape our minds and our thinking without ever really thinking about it. Every day we allow this to shape our thinking, we become that much more programmed to believe utter and dangerous nonsense to be true.

For anyone to claim that the sexual, violent and gender role-reversing content of television does not affect human behavior is hideously dishonest and disingenuous. Television advertisers spend billions of dollars on TV advertising every year, knowing full well that their advertisements produce changes in buying behaviors. For these same hypocrites and liars to then argue that gratuitous sex and violence on TV and the overt promotion of homosexuality, promiscuity, transgenderism and sexual degeneracy has no adverse behavioral and social consequences upon viewers is patently absurd, and we all know it. Let’s stop kidding ourselves.


The evidence is in and it is overwhelmingly negative for all forms of television viewing, for all the reasons explained in this article. Thus, anyone who is thinking clearly would be wise to throw his or her television(s) out immediately and cease viewing all forms of television from this point forward. The dangers and adverse consequences of television viewing are so severe and so dangerous that we can now be certain that television is truly a dangerous monster lurking in almost every American home today and that this statement is not in the least bit hyperbole or an overstatement.

I have not owned a television for the past five years and seldom even viewed one for the past 10 years. During that same time, I have markedly increased my reading of books on a number of complex subjects. I can safely say that I have learned more in the last five years than I have in all the prior 58 years of my life. I do not miss television viewing one bit and know with confidence that my ability to reason logically and critically has markedly improved over the last five years in which television has been absent from my life. Moreover, I have witnessed former family members of mine who have been totally taken over by this technology to the point where today they are incapable of reasoning for themselves and making wise personal choices.

We all know that our government and mainstream media lie and promote propaganda endlessly to deceive the masses. No tool is more essential to the globalists in this war for the minds of the American people than the ever-present television. Imagine what might be possible if the American people were to wake up and turn off the globalist liars and begin to think critically for themselves again! It won’t happen, because we are too close to the end of God’s prophetic Biblical timeline now and because God has already sent strong delusion upon many, so that they will believe a lie, and so be damned (to hell) for rejecting the truth and delighting in unrighteousness, in perfect fulfillment of the end times prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. Nevertheless, anyone who still allows a television to remain in his or her home after reading this article is quite foolish and exhibits an inability to protect him or herself from serious debilitating harm.

Throw out your televisions and stop listening to the lies of Satan’s global elites once and for all! It is no overstatement to say that to do otherwise, is clearly self-destructive and damaging to the formation of healthy relationships.

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