True Leadership No Longer Exists in America

Americans have been swindled and bamboozled by charlatans and snake oil salesmen for so long that most Americans honestly think that the demon-possessed psychopaths and pathological liars in Congress, the White House, the boardrooms of corporate America, our universities, schools, media, non-profits and churches are what true leadership looks like. As a life-long student and practitioner of authentic servant-leadership, I am here to set the record straight on this horrendous error and confusion.

Leadership is the ability to get things done through other people. Genuine leadership entails four key personal attributes: vision, competence, character and courage. As we will see after examining what is involved in each of these four essential attributes of genuine leadership, not a single person in any position of leadership in any sphere of human endeavor today in America manifests even one of these four essential attributes. Instead, they exhibit little more than selfishness, dishonesty, greed, the abuse of power over others for personal gain and a lack of moral principles guiding their every action. Any society ruled by such deviants cannot long survive. Such is the condition of America today.

In contrast to the incompetent deviants posing as our world’s leaders, I will use Yahushua, or Christ of the Bible as the model of what true servant-leadership looks like and to help illustrate the four essential attributes of vision, competence, character and courage exhibited by all genuine leaders.

Leadership vision entails being able to visualize a future for an organization, nation or community and an ability to persuasively and compellingly communicate that message to one’s followers so that everyone in the organization or community has a shared and common understanding of what they are seeking to become or to achieve collectively. The most effective visions are those that are concrete, specific and measurable and in which everyone in the organization understands what their role and contribution needs to be in order to attain their collective vision. Those in leadership positions who lack a true vision tend to become task managers and micro-managers who are utterly miserable to work for because they refuse to delegate or are incapable of delegating initiative and autonomy to others. Usually, they do so because they are clueless where they and the organization they lead are headed. Alternatively, their stated aims are not what they secretly are trying to achieve, often at the expense of their followers.

Vision becomes analogous to a lighthouse on land which a sailboat at sea then uses as a beacon of light to guide it home. Every action taken by the organization ought to be in support of the articulated vision. If it’s not, the action should be dropped or the vision revised and clarified so that everyone on the team is working in coordination with each other toward the common goal or targeted achievement. In short, all high-performing teams have clearly articulated and measurable goals to guide all of their work and to eliminate ambiguity and confusion and to make mid-course corrections, when and where needed.

Leadership competence requires that a leader know his role and stick to it. While a leader may have mastered a number of technical skills in his or her past, once in a leadership role, the team or organization needs the leader to be dedicated to articulating a vision or direction for the group and helping the rest of the team define their unique contributions to that shared vision, and to define the resources and unique skills required to do make their particular contribution to the achievement of the group’s shared goals and vision. Finally a leader needs to devote his or her skills to helping his subordinates acquire those needed resources and then coaching, guiding and teaching his subordinates how to lead their own individual initiatives more effectively. Once a leader has fully equipped and empowered his subordinate managers, he needs to have the judgement and maturity to get out of their way, to measure their progress against the desired results, to take corrective action only where needed, to encourage risk-taking, reward results and allow his subordinate teams to make mistakes that allow them to learn and grow from. This requires that a leader be exceptionally secure in his own skin and devoted to nurturing and growing high-performing teams that over time outgrow the need for a leader’s coaching and mentoring, freeing him up to assume greater leadership responsibilities of his own in the future.

Character is a quality that is little understood in our sick and depraved world today. Fundamentally, an effective servant-leader is relatively selfless and consistently models honesty and intellectual integrity in all that he does. Such a leader consistently makes wise, fact-based and logically sound decisions, knows the strengths and limitations of each of his subordinates, and assigns goals and responsibilities in accordance with those insights and is ever-vigilant for deviant behaviors from his subordinates and teams and brings prompt and sure correction to them whenever they emerge, as they inevitably will. This is because deviant behavior, left unchallenged, becomes the accepted norm. Above all, a servant-leader of character recognizes that his role consists of serving the needs of the teams in his organization, rather than using his position of power and authority to line his own pockets at the expense of others.

All great leaders exhibit strong convictions of what they will and will not tolerate from those under their care and authority and a resolve to take corrective action whenever and wherever the facts and circumstances demonstrate that it is called for. An effective leader has a strong set of morals of what is right and wrong and is dedicated to serving the best interests of those entrusted to his care. Often, a leader must make tough decisions that are not popular over the short term, but are essential to build a strong set of moral values in his organization over the longer-term which will outlive and outlast his leadership over the organization.

Making unpopular decisions that are the right ones requires a mature and wise individual who is prepared to do whatever it takes to stand up to bullies, deviants and those seeking to benefit themselves at the expense of the organization and the well-being and motivation of its individual members. Such a leader needs to be far more concerned about earning the respect and confidence of his followers, than being popular or well-liked by them. This requires maintaining a certain degree of emotional and relational distance and detachment from his subordinates, so that his judgments and decisions are not tainted by loyalties and personal relationships he may have with his subordinates.

As long as the leader lays out his expectations clearly upfront to his team and to his subordinates and makes it clear what he will and will not tolerate and makes good on his promises to bring correction to problems where needed, a leader is able to leave them with no doubt about his courage and resolve to do what he has said he would do in all circumstances that allows him to lead others with a healthy mix of fear and respect.

Now let us turn to reflect on Yahushua’s three and a half year ministry on earth and how these four leadership qualities of vision, competence, character and courage were modeled by Yahushua to his followers, and indirectly to us.

At the outset of his ministry, as Yahushua chose His disciples, He chose men whose characters He knew and with the exception of Judas Iscariot, He knew they were trustworthy men of sound moral character, even though they were fishermen, tax collectors and other men of simple livelihoods rather than the educated elites of His day. His vision was clear: I will make you fishers of men who will usher in the kingdom of God on earth. And He proceeded to model and lead by His own example what that vision entailed. He performed incredible miracles to demonstrate who He was: the son of God come in the flesh. He healed the sick, delivered demonized people from their demon spirits, raised the dead, walked on water, turned water into wine, fed the 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fishes and gathered what was left to fill twelve baskets, calmed the wind and the stormy sea. Moreover, when He was baptized by John the Baptist and when He went up with three of the disciples onto the Mount of Transfiguration, God spoke from the clouds and spoke the words, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him.” Throughout His ministry, Yahushua taught the thoughts and ways of God to His disciples, preparing them for the day when He knew He would no longer be with them. He taught, mentored and coached his team and when warranted, brought appropriate rebuke and correction to some of them. At other times, He encouraged and praised them.

Christ clearly modeled leadership competence to us. He did not try to do it all. He knew His role and His calling from God and he stuck to it. Often, He would send his disciples on ahead to secure food, lodging or other provisions that they needed. He taught His followers from His own good example. He was the teacher and master, and they were His followers and disciples. There was never any doubt who was the leader and who were the followers.

Christ provides us with a model and example of unparalleled excellence in character which ought to take our breath away. He came to save the lost, of the elect, who were chosen by God since before the world began. He sacrificed His very life in a humiliating and agonizing death on the cross so that we, the elect, might be saved and spend all eternity in right relationship with Him, God the Father and each other. He told Pilate that He came to this earth to testify to the truth in John 18:37, and He lived that vision for His life out faithfully to the end. He modeled for us how to live a life of honesty, integrity and submission to the Father’s will in all things. Likewise, one who leads by his own good example is the epitome of true leadership. Sadly, we almost never see such true leadership modeled in our sick and perishing world today.

Finally, when it came to courage, Christ stared down the power elites of His day, the Pharisees and scribes, and exposed them publicly as the liars and hypocrites that they clearly were. He fully knew the consequences. After all, He was and is God. Yet He stood against the con artists and “jewish” conspiracy of His day and exposed them as the snakes and sons of the devil that were deceiving and conning the common man to his harm. He provoked a response that backfired on his enemies in the end, as Christ defeated the lies and hatred of the devil with his love and truth by sacrificing Himself on the cross for us. In return, many of us have given up our lives and much of what we once placed value on to follow His lead and endure the hatred of a world that abhors the truth, much as He did. Now that is inspiring and inspired leadership! Everything else looks like a cheap substitute next to Christ’s example to us.

So what? Why should we care? If we are of the elect, we should care because Christ has given all of us the ideal model and example of that true leadership looks like that every last one of us are called to imitate. Furthermore, when we look around us in our world today at those who nominally hold positions of leadership in virtually every sphere of human endeavor today, we see nothing but pathetic and ugly caricatures of the real deal.

We see corporate CEOs selling out to the New World Order and implementing policies which endorse and promote social deviancies such as same-sex marriage and transgender bathrooms. We see other corporations which are profiting handsomely from the sales of weapons of war in an unending war on terror that was triggered by a false flag attack upon America by Israel, aided and abetted by officials at the highest levels of our own government and the “jewish” owned and controlled media, to cover up the real perpetrators of that crime against humanity.

We see highly-paid university administrators who promote policies on university campuses that suppress and silence the truth, using the billy club of political correctness, and who promote the hideous lie of the holohoax and other distortions of true conspiratorial history. We see school administrators and politicians infiltrating and corrupting our public schools and replacing true education with teachings that endorse and encourage children to experiment with all forms of sexual deviancies and perversions that will knowingly infest or possess them with powerful demon spirits for life.

And we see an endless array of church pastors telling their flocks of spiritually dead people precisely what their itching ears wish to hear that keep them on the road to hell we are all born into.

Perhaps the very worst examples of a failure of honest, sacrificial, courageous leadership that we see is in the halls of Congress and the White House in which obvious puppets of the “jewish” globalists lie to us endlessly and offer no credible visions or plan because they clearly have none to offer other than to continue the destruction of our once-healthy and once-moral nation. As I have written about extensively elsewhere, our nation is ruled by pathological liars and demon-possessed psychopaths who through their ruthlessness and cunning have destroyed any credible opponents and risen to the top positions of power and influence in every sphere of human endeavor today.

Where do we see examples of true character-based sacrificial servant-leadership anywhere in America today? The simple truth is that we don’t. This is but one more telling sign that we are at the end.

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