Alleged Shooting Massacre in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 an Obvious False Flag Event

This morning when we woke up, we were deluged with numerous reports that a “lone gunman” operating on his own, with a single female accomplice, shot and killed 50 people and wounded roughly 500 people more from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas upon an outdoor concert last night on October 1, 2017.

Do we know that any of this is true?  No, we never do.  We are reduced to relying upon a media composed of pathological liars and manipulative psychopaths to keep us informed.  The clues we do have are highly suggestive that the event was a highly coordinated black operation conducted by the CIA in coordination with local law enforcement.  To what purpose?  To divert our attention from the imminent second coming of Yahushua (Christ) that no one dares to talk about. But it is also intended to divert our attention from 1) the unraveling NFL “kneeling protest” fiasco, 2) the failed attempt by San Juan, Puerto Rico’s mayor to blame President Trump for alleged failures to deliver aid to the island territory recently devastated by weather warfare manipulated Hurricanes Irma and Jose, and 3) the story over the weekend reporting that 91 year old Hugh Hefner appears to have been murdered to keep him from revealing the evidence he held of massive pedophilia among the ranks of Holywood moguls to the LA Police Department in a negotiated plea bargain deal to save his own hide. Today, those other media stories are effectively drowned out and effectively dead in the face of an alleged largest mass shooting incident in America’s history. All of this is quite intentional and deliberate. And pure BS.

When else did we hear of a “lone gunman?”  Think the JFK assasination in Dallas in November 1963. That too was a CIA black operation that accomplished multiple objectives for the Jewish global elite cabal of Satan worshippers and pedophiles.  It too was blamed quickly on a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald.  It too was alleged to have been conducted from a highrise building at some distance away from the rear, when video footage of the JFK assasination reveals that the front right side of JFK’s head was blown off, probably by a shot from his car’s driver, that could not possibly have been accomplished from a shot from the rear. So how stupid do we have to be to believe this most recent concoction that sounds like a rerun of a very bad movie?

The take away here is this: stop buying the endless lies and cons of the lying media whores.  Start thinking for yourself. At the risk of pointing out the obvious yet again, this is just one more sign that the second coming of Christ is very near. Are you the least bit ready for it? I certainly am. And you better be, or you are in serious trouble.


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