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  1. Patricia Jones

    I beg to differ with you. Trump is in the process of being born again. Thus his past is erased as far as God is concerned. Some people are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit instantly, and for others the experience is gradual. I am amazed at just how much President Trump has accomplished in just a few short months. Of course we all know that the liberal media will not report on his sucesses, but instead slander and vilifiy him on a daily almost hourly basis, setting up their questions so that the answers they are looking for from some guest are always given. It is enlightening to see just how evil and corrupt they are. However as one of the elect, which I know that I am and have known this since I was actually four years old, I can see that Trump is doing what Peter said to do in the New Testament. He said to eat meat, with those you are telling about Christ, even if you don’t eat meat, but for a time, become whatever they are in order to win over many.

    Trump is very smart, and he IS being led by God to do EXACTLY what he is doing. So don’t for a minute think that he has caved and is just like the rest of them. He is in the process of “cleaning out the swamp” and in order to do that, sometimes you have to get right in the swamp to get rid of them.

    1. editor Post author

      I have to respectfully disagree with you. During the Presidential campaign in 2016, Trump was asked in an interview if he had ever asked for forgiveness for his sins. He replied that he didn’t think he ever had; he just aspired to do better the next time. Trump is indeed very smart, and an accomplished actor (making him a liar) and showman. The company Trump has kept and continues to keep reveals his true character. Proverbs 13:20 tells us that “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” No one becomes a billionaire, as Trump has, withgout having sold his soul to the devil long ago. There are no exceptions to this fundamental truth in these final days of the end times in which we are now living. Perhaps there were rare exceptions to this in prior eras, but not now. We are at the end.

      Trump is beholden to NYC and Rothschild Jewish money interests who bailed him out of bankruptcy several decades ago. You don’t honestly think they don’t expect some huge favors from Trump in return? If you believe such a thing, you really don’t know how business in the big leagues is actually played. I do. I witnessed it first-hand for over 25 years as an accomplished and honest Chief Financial Officer of troubled high-tech comnpanies in northern California. The richer the executive, director or investor, the more dishonest, nasty and deviant he was. I never witnessed a single exception to this in my former career. Yahushua (Christ) tells us in Matthew 19:24 that “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”

      The elect always evidence two telltale traits: They manifest 1) a love for the truth, no matter how unpleasant, and 2) a sacrifical love for their fellow man in which they place the long-term best interests of their fellow man ahead of their own immediate wants and comforts. They further manifest a humble spirit of grace. I will admit that Trump at least acts the part when it comes to humanitarian efforts directed at those harmed by recent natural and false flag disasters in our nation. But to suggest that he is consistently of the truth or the least bit humble is not the least bit supported by the evidence available to all of us. America is so far gone that most Americans have never witnessed what true servant-leadership and noble, virtuous character looks like. So most are easily conned by outward appearances. I am not.

      The simple truth is that the Talmudic Jews are the Antichrist of these end times. It’s very obvious to anyone who is truly born again in God’s Holy Spirit of truth. Those practicing this vile and demonic religion have hijacked this nation and world via subterfuge and endless deceit decades ago. There is no truth in any of them. They secretly serve Lucifer or Satan, the father of lies, as some of their leaders have openly revealed and admitted. Their god is Lucifer. They are his chosen people. And Donald Trump is in bed with the Kushner Talmudic Jewish Mafia up to his eyeballs. God is using Trump to fulfill His end times Bible prophecy to be sure, but God often uses the wicked and the foolish for such purposes as he did with Pharaoh in the ten plagues He brought upon Egypt, the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart and the parting of the Red Sea told in the Book of Exodus. Those who have YHWH’s (God’s) Holy Spirit in them can see these truths quite clearly. Those who do not, cannot, and in the process are revealing that they simply do not number among the small remnant of God’s elect remaining on earth at this time.

      1. Patricia Jones

        Do you not remember the incident in the Old Testament where God used a donkey to warn one of his chosen prophets that he was riding right into an ambush? Meaning that God will use even an animal if he has to in order to get his message out there. Moses murdered and Egyptian, King David committed adultery, and then God used him to write the Psalms.

        When I was talking about Trump becoming “born again” I meant he is in the gradual process of becoming born again. So in the 2016 Presidential election he was at the very beginnings of that process. I actually think he was being honest and also “humble.” At that point, in the beginning of his campaign he was being honest by stating that he did not believe he had ever asked for forgiveness of his sins. He then went on to say, I hope to do better the next time.” That is a statement of honesty and humility.

        Regarding him being up to his eyeballs with the Kushner Talmudic Jewish Mafia. Well, he is still not aware of what they are all about. I know, that the people who call themselves Jews are not real Jews but are FAKE imitators and not the original Jews of the bible. Trump does not know that yet, but he will. So I respectfully ask you to take a second look at what God is doing through Donald Trump. Have you heard about the fireman who received a prophecy about Trump becoming the next President of the United States? I will refer you to this book entitled the Trump Prophesies: He received this prophecy about Trump way back in April of 2011. And it has come true. Like you, Mark Taylor hears from God on many subjects but mainly on Trump and the future of America.


        God takes ordinary men and does extraordinary things through them. I do not think he the same man that he was years ago. And there are billionaires who do good, things with their money. One of them being Danny Thomas who founded Saint Judes. which is a hospital who gives completely FREE treatment to children who have cancer.

        I am filled with the Holy Spirit as you are. I can see that Trump is being used by God, and actually was called by God to become our President for EXACTLY a time as this. When America NEEDS a strong, Strong leader who does not care what people think about him, and who is going to tell the TRUTH. His very brashness is EXACTLY what is needed to clean out the criminal, corrupt government in Washington, DC. God is CHANGING Trump and Trump is slowly becoming a complete born again Christian. In other words, he is one of the ELECT. He just does not know it yet. But he is learning. So I would ask you to just watch and observe him and what he does. Remember Peter? Same type of impulsive personality as Trump. And Jesus had to rebuke him several times, but he still used Peter to bring the gospel to the Gentiles.
        What I see God doing today, is he is calling up ordinary people, who are not ministers, or false prophets in sheep’s clothing to speak to the people through books they are writing, web sites such as yours, websites such as mine, and some of the best and closest to the TRUTH writers are lawyers, insurance sales men, fire fighters, people who were once in business such as yourself, and HE is bringing HIS TRUTH to the people and by-passing the ministers, and false churches of organized religion as you have stated, and the REAL CHURCH are those who worship in Spirit and in Truth. Trump is one of those people. And it is his very past ties with some of the worst people out there that God is using so that Trump can influence them to CHANGE their behavior. Trump just came back from his Asian tour and he has accomplished in nine months what no other past president as even attempted.

        So, I implore to “WATCH” what God is doing through Donald Trump. And I implore you to read the book that I gave you the link to. And then let me know what you think.

        From a fellow ELECT, who has read all three of your books and who totally agrees with you, because I have come to the same conclusions as you have several years ago. I am now writing a book about the fact that narcissistic psychopaths are BORN THAT WAY, and it is not a personality disorder but a moral character flaw that they CHOOSE to be. They are also one of the non-elect. And I feel that ALL of the non-elect are narcissistic psychopaths as is ALL of our corrupt senators and congressmen. Our government as I am sure you are well aware of has been infiltrated from within. And the innocent American public is slow to catch on to this fact. Our media is completely corrupt, liars, part of the illuminati establishment, etc. ALL of this you KNOW. BUT Trump is being used by God right now to get rid of them. Why do you think he is being attacked the worst any president has ever been attacked? It is because he is telling the TRUTH, which they cannot stand. They HATE him because he is exposing all of their lies, and corruption. The same way that they persecuted Jesus who also was telling the TRUTH and who IS THE TRUTH. And what did they do? The crowds either thought he was a LUNATIC or the SON OF GOD. And they think that Trump is a lunatic. He is being “persecuted for righteousness sake” as Jesus said that ALL of his children would be. HE is being SCAPEGOATED and slowly, day by day, Trump is turning more and more to God for direction. Just like Peter, God is having to chastise him mainly bc TRUMP does not know that he is one of the ELECT, YET. So please read that book and then get back to me.
        Yours in Christ,


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