How the Deep State uses Social Media to Engage in Character Assasination and Demonization of its Enemies

Robert David Steele appears to understand the nature of Zionist (Jewish) social media control and character assassination which they are so well-known for.  For that reason alone, this article ought to be a “must read” for anyone seeking to understand the endless demonization and vilification of anyone opposing the Zionist, U.S. government and Mainsteam Media (MSM) false narratives.  What he fails to understand is that our entire legal system is hopelessly corrupted and broken. It is virtually impossible to obtain true justice in any American courts today. All lawyers, cops and judges are hopelessly compromised, corrupted and bribed and have an endless array of tricks and ploys to ensure that the truth of legal discovery never sees the light of day. Thus, to expect the legal system to provide redress for the wrongs Steele accurately enumerates in his article here is naive at best. At its worst, it’s strongly delusional and disingenuous. Moreover, Steele suggesting that the world will last 1000 years longer is utterly absurd and quite preposterous. We are living in the final days of the end times of Bible prophecy, right before the second coming of Yahushua (Christ) occurs. Whether he recognizes this obvious truth is of no consequence. God waits on no man. That includes Robert David Steele. But read on. His analysis of the role of the Zionist criminals and the Deep State in social media manipulation and control is right on the money.

Deep State Uses Social Media To Character Assassinate All Critics—24/7

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