Be Alert for a Potential False Flag Explosion of a Commercial Airliner in the Coming Days to be Blamed on Trump’s Actions

We live in perilous times: perhaps more perilous than at any other time in all of world history. So now, more than ever before, all of us must be vigilant for the actions of powerful deviant psychopaths and pedophiles who are desperate to discredit those seeking to expose them and bring them to some semblance of justice. I have just become aware of reports circulating on and reported on The Ugly Truth email newsletter that the Jewish global elites who are in the crosshairs of Donald Trump and Robert Mueller’s sting operation to expose the underbelly of the Washington DC swamp (see my prior articles reporting on these recent developments), may be launching a counter attack and false flag operation to be blamed on Donald Trump as a pretext to try to impeach him and remove him from office as President. The most effective way to counteract such depraved actions of American and Israeli intelligence false flag operations is to alert as many Americans as we can in advance of any such government-sponsored terrorist act in order to preclude them from going forward with their demonic and diabolical plans. That is the purpose of this article.

According to The Ugly Truth article, whose full text appears at:

Senior Israeli military official– ‘Trump betrayed us by sharing intelligence with the Russians’

Donald Trump revealed the location and operation of a terrorist cell in Syria which was developing technology which would allow a laptop computer to pass through airport security checkpoints and be subsequently used to blow up commercial airliners in flight to two top level Russian diplomats in the Oval Office on May 10, 2017. Also according to the article, Israeli intelligence spokesmen are reporting that their intelligence gathering operations first detected these alleged terrorist cell operations and conveyed them to U.S. intelligence (the CIA), which relayed this information to the President and are now livid that President Trump disclosed this information to the Russians who Israeli intelligence operatives are convinced will have or already have disclosed such intelligence information to Iran, which is being endlessly accused of fomenting terror in the Middle East by Israel and Jewish neocons in America as a pretext for Israel and America to start a war with Iran. In short, agents of the Israeli Mossad, whose former motto is, “By way of deception, thou shalt do war,” is engaging in propaganda and deception to drag America into a war with Iran, entirely contrary to America’s strategic national interests. And we are supposed to buy any of this obvious bull crap? I should say not!! And you should be saying the very same thing!

What is really going on here is pretty easy to deduce. Rumors are circulating widely among the alternative right media on the internet that over 1,800 criminal indictments have been prepared and sealed against a large number of American government officials and lobbyists related to election tampering and fraud, collusion, bribery, extortion, blackmail, treason, child sex trafficking, pedophilia and Satanic ritual abuse engaged in by top level American politicians, lobbyists and media executives and talking heads. Many of these demon-possessed pathological liars and psychopaths are feeling trapped and are desperate to create a diversion to permit them to escape public exposure and legal prosecution for their heinous crimes. And what better way to create a diversion than to blow up a planeload of civilians and falsely blame it on Donald Trump for revealing valuable intelligence information to those falsely alleged to be America’s enemies, namely high level Russian government officials?

Such false allegations, predicated on ludicrous and ridiculous false premises, could serve as a pretext to launch fraudulent proceedings to impeach President Trump to remove him from office and block him from proceeding to open the over 1,800 federal indictments and proceed with arrests and trials of those alleged to have been engaged in such malevolent actions against American citizens for which we all have every reason to be enraged and filled with fury over. It is quite likely that Trump divulged such intelligence information to Russia in the hope and expectation that Russia would (and likely did) take out that terrorist cell in a way that Trump is unable to do because of a treasonous intelligence community over which he has little or no control.

The simple truth is that what I have just outlined here is precisely how the minds of depraved psychopaths operate. When they feel trapped, as they now do, they become desperate and quite violent and behave in some very self-destructive ways that just make things worse for themselves in the long run. These people can never be reasoned with. All they understand is overwhelming physical force that strips them of any power and influence they should never have been entrusted with in the first place. Let this be a lesson to all of us to never allow such monstrous evil to be done to us or to our communities, institutions and nation ever again.

Permit me to correct a number of premises and claims that are the result of distorted thinking that has been repeated so often by the lying Jewish-controlled media that most Americans believe these monstrous lies to be the objective truth. This would never have been possible in any society in which the majority of its citizens are capable of fact-based critical thinking relatively free from what amounts to hysterical emotional responses to false claims by psychological thugs and bullies. But America is no longer such a society. America is desperately sick and mentally and spiritually quite ill.

Simple, Obvious Truths

1) It is contrary to America’s national interests to be provoking conflict and agitating for war with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran as America’s (fake) Jewish global elites are trying to do.

2) Iran poses no credible threat to anyone.

3) Israel is the #1 global terrorist organization in the world which is behind virtually every false flag shooting, bombing and terrorist act worldwide.

4) North Korea’s threats of firing one or more ICBMs at American locations is not the least bit credible either. Therefore, any critically thinking person can deduce that such alleged claims by North Korea’s leader are a charade and a sham to divert our attention from other things.

5) The mainstream legacy and controlled opposition media exist to deceive the American people into believing monstrous Jewish lies and rejecting objective truth and the wisdom of the ages that only comes from YHWH, the God of the KJV Bible.

6) (Fake) Jewish leaders have openly admitted that they are not the least bit YHWH’s (God’s) chosen people, but rather are the precise opposite of this. Their god is Lucifer and they are his chosen people who exist solely to oppose God’s chosen people, the born again elect followers of Yahushua (Christ).

7) There is not a single (fake) Jew who is not a demon-possessed psychopath and pathological liar. Consequently, any (fake) Jew in any position of power and influence is a gross error which will inevitably result in harm to many. I plan on writing a separate article on this subject which will prove this claim beyond any reasonable doubt. For now, let it suffice for readers to know that there is no truth in any (fake) Jew. Everything a (fake) Jew says is a lie, or half-truth, which has the same effect as an outright lie: to mislead, deceive and harm those who hear them.

8) Not one politician is a good or honorable man or woman. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! Every last one of these vile and selfish creeps are nothing more than actors, con men and puppets for their Jewish globalist masters who pull all the strings of power behind the scenes to fulfill their plan for taking over the world as the so-called “master race.” All politicians share two essential traits in common: 1) they lie well and get away with it (because they have no conscience), and 2) they have one or more embarrassing indiscretions in their pasts that their Jewish globalist masters know about that if made public would end their careers permanently that serve as useful leverage to their Jewish globalist masters for extortion and blackmail to get them to do their bidding. Moreover, according to former members of the Illuminati, 100% of the U.S. Senate and over 90% of the U.S. House of Representatives, are members of the Satan-worshipping Illuminati and according to a retired NYPD police detective who made his career tracking down and apprehending sex traffickers and pedophiles, 70% of the U.S. Congress are compromised by pedophilia,. In short, the entire American government is demonized and corrupted far beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings. The only viable option is to destroy it all. God plans to do just this very soon.

9) All allegations that Trump and his campaign were guilty of collusion and election tampering with the Russians over the past year have proven to be false. Wicked liars and con artist politicians and the lying mainstream media have promoted that monstrous lie to their shame and disgrace with no credible evidence backing up their specious claims. Now evidence is coming out that those making these false allegations are the ones most guilty of having committed those very crimes. This is the classic and telltale behavior of all demon-possessed psychopaths and pathological liars. You never reason with such evil deviants. You either kill them or contain them. There are no other viable responses to that which is pure evil.

10) The Israeli Mossad and our own CIA and FBI were responsible for the massive false flag attack on America of 9/11, which was subsequently covered up by American government and media officials at the highest levels. This false flag event served as the ruse and pretext to launch an unending war on terror and to impose the Patriot Act and other global surveillance police state legislation upon American civilians. For any politician to lie and refer to the rogue terrorist state of (fake) Israel as America’s close and trusted ally is an affront to common sense, decency and truth at so many levels that it proves most Americans who still espouse the false official narrative of 9/11 to be certifiably insane and profoundly evil.

11) Anyone telling you otherwise on any of the preceding truth claims is a liar and ought not to ever be trusted again. The insanity and twisted and distorted thinking must stop NOW!


As the truth of America’s total corruption and depravity becomes common knowledge in America, we can reasonably expect the demon-possessed psychopaths who rule our nation and world to become truly desperate and to try any number of increasingly reckless and violent acts to escape exposure, arrest and legal prosecution. Frankly, our legal system is so hideously corrupted that true justice is no longer possible in any court of man any longer. For now, it is incumbent upon all sane and relatively normal Americans to understand the depth of the evil and corruption we are up against and to remain vigilant and ready to oppose and expose it every time we see it rear its ugly putrid head. Vanity Fair was wrong to give a platform and voice to Israeli and American intelligence agencies’ provocative lies to allow them to set circumstances up in anticipation of a possible false flag operation to blow up a commercial airliner in flight. It merely goes to prove once again that all forms of conventional and mainstream media and all controlled opposition alternative media are absolute garbage and tools of servile tools of Jewish propaganda. Anybody who consumes any of the filth these sleazebags put out without critically evaluating all of it is a blind fool.

So now, if we witness a commercial airliner exploding in flight, we can be quite certain that the Israeli Mossad, CIA and FBI were probably the ones behind it and we should burn them all down without asking any further questions. Moreover, anyone calling for President Trump’s impeachment over such an obvious false flag event ought to be lynched and hung from the nearest lamp post on the Washington DC mall as a warning to anyone else who dares to try such a heinous fraud and crime ever again. Lastly, such a false flag event ought to serve as the more-than-justified grounds for expelling and deporting every last Jew in America to the rogue terrorist state of (fake) Israel along with the entirety of the U.S. Congress as their willing accomplices and co-conspirators.

These measures may seem severe and they are. But what must be understood is that when dealing with pure evil, only overwhelming power and force defeats them. When intelligence agencies that American taxpayers fund are used to perpetrate terrorist acts of wanton violence on innocent civilians, American or otherwise, it is time to shut them down hard with no further questions asked and no further deliberations. If it is war that Satan, the destroyer and father of lies and his (fake) Jews want against the American people, it is war they shall have. The lies and distorted thinking stop right here, right now.

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