Judge Roy Moore’s Sham of an Election Proves Beyond a Reasonable Doubt that Elections have Always been Rigged since the Founding of our Nation

Last night, Judge Roy Moore was reported to have lost his election bid for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Reports this morning, on December 13, 2017, reveal how corrupt and fraudulent the entire election was. Judge Moore is calling for a recount and not accepting the lying legacy media’s reports of his loss. That is as it should be. But do not expect justice to be done in this instance or in any other instance in this foul and corrupt nation ruled by Freemasonry and the Illuminati since its founding. This conclusion demands a response from every one of us. If we are not enraged by the pervasive evil and wickedness that defines our nation today, then we are part of the problem and damned to eternal torment in the burning lake of fire and brimstone very soon.

Roughly a month ago, Judge Roy Moore was accused by at least 9 different women of sexual misconduct 40 years ago. The woman who offered a shred of evidence for her claim revealed a high school yearbook entry, which she alleged had been written by Roy Moore, which in the last week she openly admitted she had forged. The Washington Post, owned by (fake) Jew Jeff Bezos, and doing the work of the CIA criminal enterprise, first put out the allegations of Judge Moore’s sexual misconduct. The so-called “Establishment” of the globalist Deep State universally jumped on Roy Moore and demanded that he withdraw from the race, which he refused to do and denied the allegations made against him. What we know so far seem to indicate that Roy Moore was telling the truth and his nine plus accusers appear to have born false witness against him and colluded (and probably handsomely bribed for it) to generate a false hit piece against Moore to cause him to be defeated last night. This sort of behavior is criminal, immoral and utterly despicable and ought not to ever be tolerated by anyone. Yet a large percentage of Americans are so grossly immoral that they tacitly allow such vile behaviors to define our culture today.

Last night, a friend of mine texted to me the following reported results of the sham election in Alabama as they were unfolding:

Moore 53%; Jones 45.5% with 64% of the vote counted.

Moore 50.8%; Jones 47.8% with 77% of the vote counted.

Moore 47.9%; Jones 50.7% with 79% of the vote counted.

Moore 49.6%; Jones 48.9% with 81% of the vote counted.

Moore 49.4%; Jones 49.0% with 85% of the vote counted; 5,000 votes now separating the two candidates.

Moore 49.2%; Jones 49.2% with 87% of the vote counted.

At this point, I texted back to my friend the following:

“This isn’t real. This is all staged for maximum drama. Soros needs Moore to lose to give him more leverage to go after Trump. You watch. That’s what this is all about.”

Moore 48.8%; Jones 49.6% with 88% of the vote counted.

Fox News is calling it Jones 51%; Moore 49%.

Moore 48.8%; Jones 49.5% with 98% of the vote counted.

It’s been 25 years in Alabama since a Democrat was elected.

All of this was reported in the course of less than one hour. Those of us who are knowledgeable in statistics know that this pattern of reported results, after a consistent pattern in which Moore, up until 67% of the vote had been counted was reported to have been  lrading with roughly 53% of the votes counted, with a 1-2% fluctuation and then in the last one third of the votes counted this pattern was reported to have changed far more than is even remotely credible. Clearly, the Deep State and their lying legacy media are counting on the vast majority of the American population remaining asleep and unaware of how they are constantly being manipulated and conned with manufactured drama and endless lies. And it also serves as a message to those of us who are fully awake that the global elite cabal of Satan worshippers can do whatever they like with impunity for the moment.

Reports this morning indicate that the Democrats bused a number of black Georgia voters into Alabama to vote against Moore. Where are there any reasonable controls in place to guard against people who are not eligible to vote casting their votes to defraud an election? If this report is true, it makes a mockery and farce out of anything purporting to be an election with any honesty and integrity.

Roy Moore is reported to be contesting the vote count. But if the count of votes have a number of fraudulent votes included in it, what will a recount do to detect the fraudulent votes and exclude them from any recount? Moreover, it is reported that some paper ballots have been or are in the process of being destroyed already. If this is true, how can any recount properly determine how the eligible voters of Alabama voted yesterday? The simple answer is that if some ballots are destroyed, any valid audit trail of what was done cannot ever be accurately determined. And all of this is quite deliberate and intentional to defraud the American people once again, while creating the excuse of plausible deniability.

None of these shenanigans with respect to elections for any political office are the least bit new. Only a fool would conclude that these and similar forms of voter fraud have not been going on since our nation’s founding by Freemasons and members of the Illuminati. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were high level Freemasons, as were a number of the other founders of this nation, and Washington D.C. is laid out with symbols of Freemasonry everywhere, telling those of us in the know that America since its founding has been ruled by Freemasons and the Illuminati, both of whom secretly serve the devil, but lie and claim precisely the opposite. Today, 100% of the U.S. Senate amd over 90% of the U.S. House of Representatives are members of the Illuminati, and are therefore Freemasons too. 70% of the U.S. Congress is compromised by pediophilia and Satanic ritual abuse. and the other 30% know all about it and say and do nothing about it. If you think these pathological liars and demon-possessed psychopaths have a shred of honesty and integrity to them, you are strongly delusional and quite insane. And if you are not enraged over this profound evil and fraud, you are part of the problem.

Today, all the talk show radio hosts and political pundits have offered an almost endless array of explanations for what happened last night, but not one of them has dared to mention or touch upon any of these moral issues challenging the integrity of the election process itself. This too is no accident.  Every form of lying legacy and controlled opposition media exists to legitimize and validate an election process and system that is corrupt and compromised from top to bottom and which has never had any real integrity to it. If any lying media talking head dared to suggest otherwise, he would be fired and on the street within 24 hours and would be blackballed from holding any position in any media enterprise ever again. This is the way the game is played in the media and everyone knows it, yet no journalist will ever dare to admit it out of fear for his career.

Truth has sold out to the greed and the love of money, the root of all evil. Here we are witnessing this Biblical truth in spades. But almost no one cares or is the least bit upset about it. And this is the greatest travesty of all. The media of today reflects the total depravity and deceit of America’s sick and broken culture that does not flinch in the least when confronted with evil within its midst. In fact, our culture exalts and celebrates the devious and clever liar and con artist and demeans and vilifies the virtuous, honest and righteous man. Perhaps Roy Moore is one of those. We simply don’t know. Here is how the Bible describes these times very clearly:

“The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.” Psalm 12:8

All those in positions of any power or influence today number among the wicked. This includes Donald Trump, the entirety of the the U.S. Congress, corporate CEOs, media talking heads, Hollywood celebrities and all church pastors, many of whom are secretly Freemasons and proven liars. Not one of these psychos are the least bit worthy of our respect or imitation.

As of today, the Democrats’ absurd claims of a fraudulent Russian dossier on Trump and allegations of Trump’s alleged Russian collusion and Russian hacking of the DNC are proving to be beyond ridiculous. Yet the lying politicians and mainstream media continues to beat that dead horse, and in the process, expose themselves as the propaganda-spewing frauds they have always been. I have to admit, it’s fun to watch wicked fools and sons of the devil make utter asses out of themselves repeatedly. Because they are going down!

So now George Soros and his (fake) Jewish Mafia crime syndicate family are seeking to remove Trump and gain dominance over the (fake) Jewish Mafia Kushner crime syndicate family by claiming that the Democrats are the party of high morality and that the several allegations of Trump’s past sexual misconduct are grounds for his removal from office or impeachment. I’ve got news for you. Nothing a deviant and lying politician is alleged to have done prior to his election provides any legal grounds for removal from office after he is subsequently elected. And as in Roy Moore’s case, the allegations of women claiming Trump has engaged in sexual misconduct inb the past appear to wither under any serious cross examination or scrutiny. So Soros’ and the Democrats’ attempts to remove Trump from office will fall flat on its face and merely have the effect of exposing both parties as the pathological liars and thieves we have always known they were.

The only way Soros and the rest of the Congress and the Deep State “Establishment” can remove Trump from office and replace him with the alleged pedophile and child murderer, Mike Pence, who blindly does the will of the rogue terrorist state of modern day Israel and the (fake) Jews, and who is a (fake) Christian Zionist, is to assassinate Trump to block him from exposing the rampant pedophilia and Satanic ritual abuse that defines the U.S. Congress today. I think it’s quite likely that this event will occur within the next 3-6 months. Otherwise, that cat will be fully out of the bag for all Americans to see. When that happens, America will go very dark and into despair. This is the darkness I am waiting for. Because we all know that it is always darkest right before the dawn. When this dark cloud descends upon America, we can be quite certain that the dawn of a new age, signaled by the second coming of Yahushua (Christ) to gather the elect to Himself, cannot be far behind.

Only Yahushua can clean up the rampant evil and corruption that defines America today. And that is precisely what end times Bible prophecy promises His elect He will do. Get ready. Because this day is fast approaching, whether you like it or not.

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    1. editor Post author

      Pedophilia and Satanic ritual abuse (child sacrifice, cannibalism of the victims’ flesh and drinking their blood to gain demon spirt powers over others) is rampant among the political, media, cororate and sports elite of our country. One retired NYPD vice detective, who specialized in child sex trafficking and related crimes, estimates that 70% of the U.S. Congress is compromised by pedophilia that is being used to extort and blackmail them into doing the bidding of the global elite cabal. It hardly takes a rocket scientist to deduce that the remaining 30% have to fully know about this horror and yet they say and do nothing about it, likely out of fear for their lives.

      When it comes to Mike Pence, my primary source is a series of YouTube videos posted by a Tory Smith who died on July 20, 2016. He himself reported that he was the victim of endless rape and sexual abuse at the hands of global elites and that he personally witnessed powerful elites raping and savagely murdering many babies and children. He reported in the spring or early summer of 2016 that Indiana Governor Mike Pence had at that time raped his 186th child. He further reported that the Powers the Be (TPTB) were coming after him with advanced technologies or demonic curses that were causing him to waste away. His physical vitality wasted away as chronicled by his YouTube videos over time. He claimed that he was recording and posting his videos to awaken Americans to these horrific acts going on in secret behind the scenes in our society so that an army of Americans would demand an end to these horrors once and for all.

      800,000 children go missing every year in America. That is but 10% of the 8 million children who go missing worldwide every year. Many, if not most of these children, are victims of sex trafficking and eventual murder at the hands of the world’s global elite pedophiles and psychopaths. What I report here regarding the allegations concerning Mike Pence as reported by Tory Smith, have been reported and repeated on multiple Facebook posts that are quite credible. At one point in the Presidential primaries in the winter or spring of 2016, Tory Smith posted a video, the first one of his that I ever saw, in which he read off a list of 40 U.S. Senators and the number of children and babies each of them had raped and how many each had murdered. How he came by such information is a bit mysterious. He claimed that it came from the “DNA database,” which suggested that he had access to such information through his being able to tap into the spiritual realm in some way. His list included every U.S. Senator who was running for President in 2016 with the possible exception of Rand Paul (I don’t remember his name being mentioned).

      These are very serious allegations. We, the American people, have a duty and a responsibility to seek out the truth of these troubling and horrific allegations against defenseless, innocent children. But how do we discover the truth in a world and a nation ruled by pathological liars and demon-possessed psychopaths who will inevitably deny such allegations or not even respond to such claims and be fully aided and abetted by the lying legacy media and corrupt judicial system? Does that mean we remain silent until we have 100% certainty that these allegations are true? Certainly not! It means that we demand credible answers and we don’t stop until we know the full truth. We know with absolute certainty today that the Pizzagate and Pedogate scandals are very real and that the CIA has played an instrumental role in directing global sex trafficking since it was founded out of the OSS in the 1940s. This was clearly done to control and manipulate powerful politicians to do the bidding of powerful globalists who controlled and control the CIA and the world’s other intelligence agencies. It’s time we faced these facts head on and deal with it decisively.

      What does it look like to deal head on with the reality that America’s intelligence agencies, the CIA, the FBI and NSA and the Israeli Mossad being foremost among them, have fully compromised every last institution and political and miliary leader in our nation and in which law enforcement, the courts and the media are fully compromised as well? America has yet to come to terms with this very important question that has no man-made solution. In the not-too-distant future, no one will have any excuse to say that they did not know about these horrific things that control our world. They knew and did nothing; mainly out of fear or their own complicity in it. This is why God intends to rain His full wrath and fury on anyone very soon who is a part of this abomination.


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