Follow the Word by Darl Dinger

Lies are abounding
from an unknown source
taking this world
on its final course.

Lies in all the media
like you never did see
it is all being directed
by Satanists in Washington D.C.

They claim war on this
they claim war on that
confusing all of My people
they known not where they are at.

Liars in their churches
they are having a fit
afraid to tell the truth
they are full of it.

These are the last days
our Lord is calling me and you,
“Come out of the worldly church
then I’ll tell you what to do.”

Pray to the Father
who is listening above
tell them of My grace
and of Our great love.

The time as you know it
will soon be gone
then I, Jesus Christ
will bring all of Mine home.

Yet a little while longer
I’ve allotted more space
soon, I will remove you
from this sinful race.

Listen for the trumpet
for soon it will sound
then all of My chosen
will leave the ground.

There will be no more lies
there will be no more strife
for I, Jesus Christ
will claim My beautiful wife.

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