Poem: A Perverted Lifestyle by Darl Dinger

Listen, you people
and listen well
all lesbians and homosexuals
will go to hell.

Your perverted lifestyle
is an awful disgrace
soon I will remove you
from the human race.

Eternal flame
the fires of hell
you corrupted your morals
from My grace you fell.

You listen to demons
who are twisted and bent
your resting place is in hell
unless you repent.

I tell you the truth
demons will tell you lies
you will be sent to hell
where the flame never dies.

Why should you suffer
shedding many tears
you will be in the fire
for millions of years.

If you’re reading this poem
you have time to repent
this is a final warning
believe this message I’ve sent.

Don’t listen to demons
that make you smile
you will still go to hell
for your perverted lifestyle.

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