Why the 1611 KJV is the Only Bible Worth Reading

Watchman on the Wall

For anyone paying attention, we live in a world at war in which we are opposed by a cruel and ruthless enemy who seeks to destroy all of mankind, if he can. That enemy is Satan, or the devil, who the Bible teaches us is very real and who rules the world through endless lies, deceit and treachery. One of Satan’s most clever schemes to deceive anyone seeking to discover what the Bible actually says and means and how it applies to our daily lives is to offer up numerous counterfeits of any accurate word-for-word translation into English of the original Hebrew and Greek autographs which God inspired the 40 or so authors of the books of the Bible to write exactly what God intended. This article explains just how distorted many professed English translations of the Bible really are and what any person of genuine honesty and intellectual integrity can and should do to avoid being deceived, and thus harmed, by such fraudulent “translations.” Continue reading

Whats Coming in Our World in 2016

Watchman on the Wall

 Its no secret that the world has gone mad.  But it is one of the best kept secrets in the world why and what it all means.  That is the purpose of this article.

We have less than 9 months left before the great tribulation foretold in Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 that we are living though right now comes to its END.  Most people are so Biblically illiterate that they have no idea what this really means.  The best way I can answer this is to direct you to read the prophecies of Matthew 24:29-31, followed by those of Revelation 19:7-9, both of which have to be fulfilled with hair-splitting accuracy during a 45 day window of time starting on October 2, and ending on November 16, 2016.  Included in these prophecies is the second coming of Christ in which He will gather gather the elect to himself in the clouds with power and great glory.  This is very good news for those of us who are of the elect; it is very bad news for everyone else.  Im not predicting a day or an hour when Christ will show up.  No one knows such a thing with such precision.  But there are lots of clues that now reveal approximately when all this will happen that you need to research for yourselves. Continue reading