Is the Purported Great Awakening and Second American Revolution Real or a Fraud?

Three months ago I penned the article, Cutting to the Chase: Is Trump Draining the Swamp or Not? in which I concluded then that it was impossible to know, but that in the end, it really does not matter, since the big story playing itself out here is the imminent second coming of Yahushua (Christ). That conclusion remains rock solid today. Yet many American pundits posing as patriots continue to gush on the alternative media over what Donald J. Trump and his team of military intelligence and military operatives are doing to wake up the American people to the reality that our nation has been hijacked by a cabal of lawless psychopaths decades ago and to restore America to the constitutional republic it once was. The thesis of this article is that such notions are utter nonsense designed to deceive people to their eternal harm. This article seeks to contribute to refuting those foolish claims and contentions.

Is a Great Awakening Occurring?

Over the past three years, a number of people have claimed from their posts on various forms of social media that they are waking up to the unpleasant reality that almost nothing we have ever been told or taught is the least bit true. In the movie, The Matrix, one of a number of predictive programming films from Hollywood, the main character of the movie, Neo, is given the opportunity, which he takes, to swallow a red pill and escape the Matrix of endless illusions that define our world today. And so today, many YouTube journalists and commentators are talking about “red pilling” the masses and attempting to wake them up to the truth that our world is ruled by a cabal of demon-possessed psychopaths who engage in pedophilia and worship the devil, much of it through the secret societies of the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

To a certain degree, this “red pilling” of American society is in fact happening, but regrettably, most are only grasping a part of the puzzle and not the most important part of it. These same alternative media journalists and social activists are parroting the false claims of the Q Anon team, that appears to be covertly working with Trump and his team of military operatives (or which may be Trump himself), that it takes time for people to be “red pilled” and overcome the cognitive dissonance that is associated with discovering that key beliefs and assumptions of how our world really operates are completely false. What does this mean if such Americans are only made aware of portions of the puzzle, while leaving the most important pieces of the puzzle completely concealed and hidden? This is a profoundly important question to consider and address because this is precisely what is objectively happening.

As I have revealed extensively in many of my writings, we are living in the bitter final days of end times Bible prophecy. What most people fail to grasp in this reality is that virtually all governments, institutions and media exist to oppose the second coming of Christ. Let the implications and ramifications of this profound objective and absolute truth sink in for a moment. Trust me, you are going to wrestle with this for a number of days, before you ever fully grasp what this really means, if you ever do. You’re going to have to test this truth claim against the actions and inaction you witness in the world around you and in the news reported by our lying media of all forms. Mention of the obvious imminent second coming of Christ is virtually absent from all forms of discussion. In light of the profound importance of this single predestinated event to all of humanity alive today, this should strike you as profoundly odd and bizarre. Because it is.

Nothing else explains such a bizarre and stiff-necked refusal of almost everyone to address and deal with this obvious objective reality under all of our noses other than the perfect fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy upon the vast majority of humanity alive on earth today. Here is what I am referring to. In 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 we are told,

“And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God (Eloah) shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned (to hell) who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (Parenthetical added for clarity)

This prophecy has now been fulfilled upon 99.99% of humanity alive on earth today who reveal through their steadfast refusal to come to terms with the fact that we are living in the last days of end times Bible prophecy that they must number among the non-elect and are God’s vessels of dishonor, fitted unto His wrath and imminent destruction. These are the wicked and the foolish, as described in the Bible for thousands of years.

So what if people are waking up to the hideous reality that our world is ruled by Satan worshippers and demon-possessed pedophiles if they don’t connect the dots between this reality and the obvious fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy that foretells of the imminent second coming of Yahushua (Christ)? Such people are focusing their attention on the meaningless and the unimportant while totally neglecting that which is central to determining their eternal destination and destiny. It is yet another form of insanity and a telling sign of their own imminent destruction.

And yet this partial awakening is what so many YouTube and Facebook pundits are gushing over with unbridled enthusiasm today. In so doing, they are totally missing the most important truth of all: that YHWH (God) is very real and that the KJV Bible is precisely what it has always purported to be: the infallible and inspired words of God to His elect. Thus, the purported Great Awakening is a fraud and a deception of monstrous proportions. No such truly Great Awakening is occurring at all, because God has predestinated that such a late Great Awakening, in a spiritual sense, would ever occur. And God’s sovereign and predestinated will is never thwarted.

What Does a Second American Revolution Even Mean?

Similarly, internet pundits purporting to be American patriots are similarly gushing and enthusiastic about a Second American Revolution being underway in the form of Trump’s team of “white hat” alliance partners covertly taking out elements of the Establishment Deep State.

First of all, the evidence for such a roundup of lawless and corrupt government and Deep State operatives is at best circumstantial. In a world of endless lies and deliberate con jobs, such circumstantial evidence ought not to be regarded as the least bit trustworthy until corroborated by multiple pieces of evidence from the most trustworthy of sources. And who would qualify as a most trustworthy of sources in a world ruled by pathological liars?!? In fact, the notion of trustworthy sources in our world today is beyond absurd. Such a thing no longer exists. We’re all going to have to come to terms with this regrettable objective, absolute and universal reality. Almost everyone is lying to us. Constantly. Welcome to our world gone mad and ruled by the father of lies, the devil himself.

Second, what does a second American revolution mean in the context of the reality that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation domiciled in the District of Columbia since 1871, owned by private interests in the City of London and the Vatican, two other city states, which effectively own all the world’s debt that has accumulated for over the last century? Donald J. Trump is now the President of this privately owned corporation, accountable to his private shareholders and NOT to you and to me. The illusion that he serves the American people is nothing more than a monstrous con job and Donald J. Trump fully knows and understands all this, as have all of his predecessors going back at least to Woodrow Wilson over 100 years ago. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the objective truth. Don’t take my word for it; do your own research, as I have. You will find it to be 100% true.

The implications of this discovery are rather profound. Our federal courts are governed by Maritime Admiralty Law, not by common law as we have been falsely taught all our lives, and all licensed BAR attorneys are members of the British Accreditation Registry, a foreign entity. Every federal agency and every state government that exists today exist as corporations and not at all as government entities responsible to we the people. Moreover, the only people who fully understand all of the implications of these objective realities are the Jewish overlords who stole our nation from us decades ago. The knowledge of how the entire national and global system operates is highly compartmentalized such that only the most evil and wicked people in the world have the knowledge of how to unravel it, if they chose to, which they never will.

During Richard Nixon’s presidency, he asked for a clear and concise chart showing how our nation’s government is structured and operates. After two years of trying, his staff came back and reported to Nixon that no one knows how it operates, just that it does. In short, no one is the least bit accountable for the results produced by the actions of those who nominally are our leaders, but who in reality are nothing more than puppets of an unseen hand, commonly referred to as the shadow government. If this reality does not make you profoundly uncomfortable, you simply are not paying close enough attention and are not thinking clearly.

The simple truth is that America has, from its infancy, been controlled by unseen forces, ruled by Freemasonry and the Illuminati, and virtually everything we have ever been told about how our government operates is a lie. In this context, what does it mean to “Make America Great Again” or to execute a Second American Revolution? In this context, these terms are nothing more than empty slogans which mean different things to different people and which therefore have no objective substance. Their meaning is merely in the eye of the beholder. All of our leaders always have been con men and liars. And Trump is no exception to this.

What Trump Should have Done if He Was Truly Committed to Draining the Swamp (Which He Isn’t)

Most Americans are quite ignorant of how politics really works, who really runs our nation and what it would really take to turn around our nation that is truly dysfunctional today. This fact is compounded by the problem that virtually everything we think we know about how nations and corporations operate are little more than monstrous lies. Yet a few of us are broadly and deeply trained and educated that we can figure out what any competent Chief Executive Officer would have to do to right this ship of state, as it is portrayed to us by our schools and our media.

I am one such individual. Trained in economics at UC Davis where I graduated with Highest Honors and Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi honor society distinctions, holding an MBA from the Harvard Business School with second year honors, and having served competently and honestly with impeccable integrity as a Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive Officer of half a dozen smaller high tech turn around companies over a 25+ year career, I understand what it takes to fix broken companies and, by extension, broken countries. Assuming that our nation is what it purports to be, here is what I would have already done if I were President Trump, based on my understanding of the true nature of what ails our nation:

Day One

On the day I was inaugurated, I would have declared a national state of emergency and declared martial law in which trusted military generals and admirals would be directed to take over and shut down the following agencies and institutions:

  • FBI
  • DOJ
  • CIA
  • NSA
  • The U.S. Congress
  • The Supreme Court and the entire federal judiciary, replacing them with military tribunals
  • All mainstream media corporations and other entities

I would have gone on national television and radio and announced these actions and explained to the American people why they were necessary and informed them that I would keep them as fully informed as I could at least 2 times per week. Furthermore, I would nationalize and take over the social media networks of Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and restrict them from being used to foment rebellion and unrest in the nation that might serve to undermine the actions I would take and plan to take to restore the rule of law and adherence to the United States Constitution, while at the same time permitting citizens to communicate openly without undue censorship on the internet.

Based on what I knew in January 2017, that the entire American intelligence community had gone rogue and were, to one degree or another, directly responsible for perpetrating the false flag attack of 911 upon America, in cahoots with the Israeli Mossad, shutting down the main perpetrators of this monstrous fraud and crime against humanity would have been a no-brainer and I would have disclosed this reality to the American people so that there would be no further doubts as to the objective facts behind 911 and thus why the dismantling of the intelligence community was absolutely necessary.

Given my knowledge that at least 70% of the U.S. Congress is compromised by pedophilia and that 100% of the U.S. Senate and at least 90% of the U.S. House of Representatives are members of the Satan-worshipping and dishonest Illuminati, all of whom are accountable only to the shadow government of the Council on Foreign Relations, the most publicly visible arm of the Illuminati in America since its founding in 1921, shutting down the Congress would be an equal no-brainer.

Furthermore, the mainstream media is widely known to be fully owned and controlled by Jewish elites who are hell-bent on the destruction of this nation. Control over the media is essential to control what information is conveyed to the American public and to silence the unceasing lies and psychological terrorism which the the media, under the direction of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird has been guilty of since the 1950s. In its place I would have directed the U.S. military to set up and protect a communications infrastructure that would permit me, as President, to oversee and control what messages were and were not being conveyed to the American people from a trustworthy source of unimpeachable integrity and honesty.

Day Two

Next, I would have directed the military to go after the head of the beast and chop it off by ordering the immediate banishment and deportation of all Jews and Freemasons in America and would direct the immediate seizure of all of their assets, pending military investigations into each of their past seditious acts.

The Establishment Deep State is controlled by and made up of the Khazar “Jewish” Freemason Illuminati Zionist global elite conspiracy of pedophiles and Satan-worshippers. Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles or “goyim” (cattle). The Jewish plan for world domination through their vision of a one world government secretly ruled and controlled by the Jews is no secret. It is fully laid out for us in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and rooted in the hideous, hate-filled, bigoted, racist, vile, anti-Christ, anti-Christian teachings of the Babylonian Talmud and Zohar Kaballah of orthodox Judaism.

The 15 million people worldwide who profess themselves to be Jews can and should be presumed to be dangerous demon-possessed psychopaths, pathological liars, parasites and predators who should never be trusted by any non-Jew ever again. In Appendix D of my book, Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad, I document 200 instances in which Jews have been banned and expelled from their host countries for their consistently seditious and predatory actions on their host cultures. America should have done so as early as the American Civil War and prohibited Jews from ever immigrating to America ever again, for these very reasons.

Included in this action, I would have ordered the immediate seizure of all records and the closure of all offices of the Council on Foreign Relations and of Freemasonry.

Day Three

Next, I would have ordered immediate action on the following military and government programs:

  • Cease geo-engineering chemtrail aerosol spraying from aircraft
  • Halt all further vaccinations until their efficacy and safety had been verified by a team of military medical professionals known for their honesty, integrity and medical competence
  • Shut down all abortion clinics (both public and private)
  • Ban the sale of all GMO foods without clear and military-supervised labeling of such products
  • Cease providing foreign aid payments and any form of economic or military assistance to the rogue terrorist state of Israel and order the immediate expulsion of all Israeli Mossad operatives from our nation
  • Order the U.S. Treasury Department to begin printing U.S. dollars in place of Federal Reserve Notes
  • Cease providing funding to the United Nations and order the removal of all UN operations and facilities from our nation
  • Shut down NASA and publicly educate the American people that the earth is both flat and stationary and that all the NASA moon landings were frauds
  • Educate the American people on the evidence proving that the holohoax was a fraud and that Jewish Communists were responsible for the mass exterminations of 142 – 259 million non-Jewish Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians and others during the 20th century.
  • Order the rescission of the 1954 Johnson Amendment governing what 501(c)3 church leaders can and cannot say

Furthermore, I would have declared war on pedophilia, Satanic ritual abuse and false flag events and ordered the immediate execution of any perpetrators found guilty of any of these three offenses by a military tribunal and the seizure of all their assets.

Day Four

Next, I would have ordered a policy change governing the mission of the U.S. military, directing that all military operations in which the national interests of America are not at stake be removed from overseas locations. Most of our nation’s military operations have been used as the enforcement arm of the Jewish Mafia’s New (Jew) World Order. Instead, the vast majority of our military ought to be devoted to restoring our republic that probably never was.

Since the national debt of roughly $20.6 trillion was incurred based on fraud, I would have declared the national debt null and void. Further, I would order the swift dismantling of the Federal Reserve Banking system and rescind the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and declare the Sixteenth Amendment that enacted the personal income tax null and void due to the fraud which was engaged in to declare that the Amendment was duly and legally approved by 2/3 of the states which existed at the time of its enactment.

I would have further directed that all federal expenditures must be incurred subject to a balanced budget and that all federal government operations that exceed the authority granted to the federal government by the United States Constitution should be dismantled and turned over to the authority of the states as swiftly as possible.

Day Five

I would then have ordered the dismantling of the Senior Executive Service, composed of approximately 10,000 highly paid government officials just under the rank of Cabinet level appointees in the federal government and issue an executive order declaring that every government official or employee in the federal government serves at the pleasure of the President and his delegated Cabinet level officers.

Furthermore, I would order that legal documents be drawn up to re-establish the United States of America as a government in accordance with the United States Constitution.

Further Actions

Using the extensive surveillance data gathered by the NSA over the past ten to fifteen years on every American citizen, I would direct military intelligence to mine that data to investigate every known government official who has been involved with corruption, treason and human trafficking in this country and conduct investigations, arrests, trials and suitable sentences on all those found guilty of lawlessness and criminal acts. To Trump’s credit, he and his team appear to be doing some of this, but much too slowly and without adequate public disclosure.

Trump and his team have made the mistake of wrongfully assuming that most Americans have been deceived and brain-washed by the mainstream media and that it will take most of them some time to overcome their cognitive dissonance when they discover just how much they have been betrayed by the shadow government and the Deep State. That assumption is largely false. Most Americans who are opposed to what Trump and his team appear to be doing have been sent strong delusion by God, so that they believe a lie and are damned for rejecting the truth and taking pleasure in unrighteousness, in perfect fulfillment of the prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, as described previously.

No amount of time or evidence is going to have the least bit of an effect on turning these Americans around. This strong delusion is in accordance with the sovereign will of God, which can never be thwarted. These people are filled with lying demons who will forever block them from ever coming to terms with the truth. Because Trump and his team of Freemason generals and admirals are not truly born again in God’s Holy Spirit, they are incapable of comprehending this spiritual reality, no matter what I may say.

Clearly Donald Trump has not made most of the actions I lay out here his top priority. As such, he has worked on the unimportant, while neglecting the very most important things if he was truly serious about draining the swamp in Washington. If he were a genuine man of God, he probably would have taken most, if not all, of these actions in the first month of his Presidency. But because he is not, God has not revealed to Trump the true depths of the problems besetting our nation, the root causes of them and what he would have to do to fix them.

When we look into who Donald Trump really is and who he has associated with all of his life, this really should not surprise anyone. Donald Trump is fully compromised. His daughter and a son are both married to Jews. In the case of his daughter Ivanka, she is married to Jared Kushner, an orthodox Talmudic Jew whose religion secretly hates all non-Jews. Trump has used bankruptcy laws six times to gain a financial advantage over his creditors in business. It may have been legal, but it amounts to a form of theft which is strictly forbidden by God in the Ten Commandments.

When examining the company that Donald Trump has kept all of this life, it is decidedly seedy. The Bible teaches us that bad company corrupts good character. By this standard, Donald Trump’s true character has to be seriously wanting. Additionally, Trump’s many hand gestures in public appear to reveal that he is a Freemason and as such, serves Lucifer, aka the devil, whether he knows it or not. Everyone who is not truly born again with God’s Holy Spirit in him, and who serves the devil, is a liar and quite selfish. Trump is no exception to this. And anyone lacking the discernment to see this is himself likely to not number among God’s born again elect either.

In recent days we have been subjected to the salacious story that Donald Trump had a ten month affair with Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal roughly ten years ago. Tonight (March 25, 2018) on 60 Mintues another woman, Stormy Daniels, is expected to reveal a similar sordid tale of Trump’s adultery. Given that Trump revealed in an interview with the Family Research Council during the election campaign that he has never confessed or repented of his sins or asked God for forgiveness, what are the odds that he will publicly confess, repent and apologize and ask for forgiveness from his wife and family for his having engaged in such reckless, thoughtless and selfish behavior and betrayal? Slim and none is the obvious answer. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But how a man responds when confronted with his sins reveals his true character. By failing to confess, repent and ask for forgiveness from his wife in public, Trump is revealing to all of us that he is far more willing to publicly humiliate and rightfully anger his own wife than to tell the truth and do the right thing. How can his wife trust him ever again? And how can we, the American people, ever trust that he will not betray us too when he is backed into a corner? Simply put, we can’t.

Let’s face it, Trump is an effective salesman and a con man. He may be smarter than many have given him credit for, but he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. God is clearly using him for a season to reveal the depths of the wickedness that defines our nation, and then He will destroy him. These are the final days of the end times and when Trump’s time is up, as predestined by God, the last trump shall sound and the second coming of Yahushua (Christ) will occur to gather the elect to Himself, in perfect fulfillment of Matthew 24:30-31, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-55. Sadly, it appears that Donald Trump will not be among them. What really matters, is will you be?

We are taught in the Bible to place our trust in no man, only in God:

“It is better to trust in the LORD (YHWH) than to put confidence in man. It is better to place confidence in the LORD (YHWH) than to put confidence in princes.” Psalm 118:8-9

Furthermore, those who are wealthy seldom get there by being honest and treating others as they would wish to be treated. In fact, the vast majority of those who are rich today got there by selling their souls to the devil long ago. Donald Trump is no exception to this. Yahushua (Christ) explained that,

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24


“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Mark 8:36-37

Many people have claimed that God is using Donald Trump. I would agree with that. But not to save America. Instead, God is using Donald Trump to reveal to Americans just how evil and wicked our entire federal government is and to teach Americans that whenever a man departs from God’s ways, he will, in the end, destroy himself. Sadly, it appears that Donald Trump is well on his way to such an end. But let us learn from his mistakes and not live our lives as Donald Trump has done. For all of us, our sins have a way of catching up with us, sooner or later, if we fail to deal with them.

In summary, for the reasons outlined here, I think it is quite clear that the purported Great Awakening and Second American Revolution is the wishful thinking of many well-intentioned American patriots who do not know God. Knowing God as I do, it is very clear that the vast majority of Americans who are trapped in the Matrix will never be fully “red-pilled” and awakened to the full truth of what is going on in our world and nation gone mad. God has seen to that by sending strong delusion upon many. They will never wake up, because God has ordained it so. Likewise, there will be no Second American Revolution that will result in a restored American public, if such a thing ever existed in the first place. The story we are living in is a much bigger story than most people can imagine. We are living in the final days of end times Bible prophecy and today the second coming of Yahushua (Christ) is imminent.

What this means is profoundly important. It means that God is very real and that the KJV Bible is 100% trustworthy, reliable and true, and that almost nothing else is. It means that truth, kindness, selflessness, humility, fear of God, keeping all His commandments and trusting Him fully are all profoundly important to the God and creator of the universe and all that’s in it. It means that investing our lives in doing that which is right matters far more to an infinite, holy, just, loving and all-powerful God than money, power, pleasures, the illusion of autonomy or fame do. It means that most of humanity has pursued the meaningless and failed to grasp the real purpose of all of life: learning how to love God and love our fellow man, as he would wish to be loved. That’s why a few of us are here. This world is but a training and testing ground for the next.

Are you ready for what comes next? Do you even know what’s coming soon? And how do you know you’re right? After all, you’ve lived among pathological liars all your lives. So what confidence do you have that you have a clue what is true and what is false? The simple fact is that most people have no clue and no interest in discovering the truth. All such people are headed to eternal torment in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. The Bible is crystal clear on this. Is anyone listening? Very few are. Most are living in denial of this painfully obvious truth. Are you one of them?

The only way out of the coming calamity upon all of humanity is to confess and repent of your many sins and to submit your will and your life to Yahushua (Christ of the KJV Bible) while there is still time remaining to do so. That time is swiftly running out. Do not delay. Your eternity depends upon it.

Poem: The Trumpet by Darl Dinger

The meeting was called to order
in God’s meeting hall
all archangels were present
to witness Creation’s final fall.

Now Jesus, the son was there
His horse saddled, ready to ride
He would lead forth His army
bringing all believers to the other side.

Now one angel stood alone
at the Father’s entrance hall
he held a trumpet in his hand
ready to blow the final call.

Now the Father sat in silence
with Jesus, His son, standing there
He had made His decision
He had given Creation time to prepare.

He knew Satan, His adversary
was moving with a frantic force
the Father also knew the time had come
to let Satan finish his final course.

Now I am not a prophet
nor am I a seer
but I would tell you the truth
you had better honestly prepare.

Now we don’t know the time
but this I would have you know
the angel with the final trumpet
is getting ready to blow.

And when that trumpet sounds
it will be heard by foe and friend
all will know God made His decision
for at the sound time will end.

Poem: Just Us by Darl Dinger

There is no justice
throughout the whole earth
there are none who understand
except those of the second birth.

They are born into heaven
where there is no sin
they all anxiously wait
until I return again.

Returning for My bride
who will patiently endure
knowing it is I, Jesus
who will destroy the whore.

Listen, we are the New World Order
so don’t make a fuss
just do as you are told
because we stand for Just Us.

We will have a new world
where our king is the Jews
we control all you Christians
we call all of the news.

We feed you lies
by the untold score
we control this world
we worship the whore.

When your God returns
we will give Him a surprise
we have planned for centuries
we now control the skies.

Listen, all you people
and see what I will do
get out your Bible
and carefully read Psalm Number Two.

For I, Jesus will return
on the clouds in the sky
I will redeem My bride
in the twinkling of an eye.

Then all of you people
who refused your second birth
will be caught unawares
as I destroy the whole earth.

Poem: Wisdom by Darl Dinger

You look at the wisdom
of our Lord Jesus Christ
He came into this world
to give us eternal life.

It all started in a garden
where all manner of things grow
the Tree of Life and Knowledge
for our parents to know.

To enjoy the presence
of their only creator
much sorrow would come
but that was much later.

Now our God in heaven
loves both Adam and Eve
but Satan hated God
it was our parents He deceived.

God numbered the saved
He also numbered the lost
He knew all by their names
who would kneel at His cross.

Now Satan that old liar
he is still working his plan
perverting people’s minds
destroying all whom he can.

This Sodom and Gomorrah
that we call mother earth
is a prelude of hate
for all who refuse their second birth.

It is a likeness of hell
without all of the flame
pedophiles and all queers
blaspheming our Lord’s name.

The Tree of Life in the Garden
is protected with a flaming sword
it is there for God’s people
who follow His word.

Many are God’s people
who have fought the good fight
they look for their Lord’s return
and for their final flight.

We know the best is yet to come
when our Lord calls our name
as He shows forth His love
saving us from the eternal flame.

Yes, many of us grow weary
from all the sin they grow numb
but they all know in their hearts
the best is yet to come.

Poem: Satan is a Liar by Darl Dinger

I had a discussion
it was just the other day
a good friend of mine
asked if I would pray.

To pray for all people
to pray for peace
he said, people are deceived
by the Antichrist beast.

We no longer have a republic
and this is sad news
but I told him frankly
it is because of the lying Jews.

They follow their God Satan
and his praises they sing
he has told these lying Jews
that they will be kings.

They are the cause of all wars
much pain and suffering too
they brag about Satan
who is the king of the Jews.

Their bibles are trash
and full of so many lies
unless Jesus intervenes
their souls will surely die.

Yes, Satan is a liar
he will leave you in a lurch
he has managed to corrupt
almost every modern church.

Many of these preachers
freely use Jesus’ name
but they never tell the truth
about hell’s eternal flame.

There is a burning hell
where the flame never dies
many will be sent there
because of all their lies.

They lie about Satan
they lie about the Jews
else they fear their reputations
would be destroyed in the evening news.

But be not dismayed
our God is not mocked
He still has a remnant
He guards His little flock.

Now I say to you preachers
you are being carefully used
wake up, start telling the truth
about these lying Jews.

Florida High School Shooting False Flag Event is Unraveling Yet the Demon-Possessed Keep Preying On People’s Emotions

The Valentine’s Day Massacre false flag event at Parkland High School in Broward County, Florida is unraveling by the minute. Two days ago, David Hogg is being exposed on the internet as an obvious crisis actor who appeared in a video last June at a California beach over a rather obscure surfboard on a garbage can incident. He now is being exposed as having been coached with talking point scripts by CIA-in-Action, CNN, whose father is reported to be a current or former FBI agent. A day after the shooting incident, one high school senior girl reported that she had walked and spoken with the alleged lone gunman shooter, Nikolas Cruz after the shooting had begun. He seemed dazed and disoriented to her. These are the symptoms we could reasonably expect of a mind-controlled patsy being used by intelligence community operatives (think MK-ULTRA CIA operation) to take public attention and the current media narrative off of the damning evidence of rampant and pervasive FBI and DOJ malfeasance, criminality and corruption that is exploding in the faces of the Deep State in Washington D.C.

Reports have surfaced that the FBI has visited the alleged shooter’s home 37 times in the past year. And yet the FBI failed to foil any real shooting incident involving this suspect while secretly seeking to orchestrate a coup d’etat of a sitting President based on false allegations of Russian collusion that also are now unraveling and becoming a total farce. All of the federal government is revealing itself to be part of a massive criminal enterprise of almost unfathomable proportions.

We all know who is behind both the ponerization of all intelligence community agencies, the Parkland High School false flag and the highly organized and predictable campaign calling for more gun controls. The Khazar “Jewish” Freemason Illuminati Zionist global cabal of pedophiles and Satan worshippers is behind all of this and the goal is clearly to create maximum fear and chaos in America so they can complete their Hegelian dialectic problem-reaction-solution ploy to usher in their Jew World Order. The fact that almost no one dares to state this obvious truth reveals just how demonized, and thus confused, all of America has become. Any mention of the word “Jew” and the demons become unhinged and scream the usual words of hatred and hypocrisy designed to intimidate all but the most bold, truthful and courageous of us into silence.

Demon possession is the only explanation that begins to offer any credible diagnosis of what is clearly a well-organized campaign using high school students to prey upon the emotions, sympathy and pity of adults to protect them from harm from further school shootings. We all know how preposterous and absurd the notion of restricting gun ownership and use is in a society in which our own government is proven to be the greatest source of global terrorism. Those who possess a lick of common sense will take such demagoguery as a clear sign that they ought to purchase more guns and ammo in order to defend themselves from our own government that was hijacked by the Jews decades ago and has gone totally rogue today, agitated deliberately by these same Satan-worshiping and demon-possessed religious zealots.

Where the anger and hatred needs to be directed in response to the school shooting incident, is at the FBI, DOJ, CIA and NSA terrorist organizations that are the ones perpetrating these false flag events in the first place. The only thing that these demon-possessed psychopaths will understand is overwhelming physical force and no mercy. A whole lot of federal government intelligence community operatives need to die swift, sure, violent and well-publicized deaths without further delay.

The question we all must ask ourselves is why haven’t all Jews and Freemasons been banned and deported from America long ago? This same action has been taken 200 times over the last 2000 years by various cities, principalities, kingdoms and nations to protect their indigenous populations from the immoral, seditious, parasitic and predatory acts and nature of the demon-possessed Talmudic Khazar Jews. And when anyone dares to suggest such an obvious solution to this global scourge and epidemic, the demons of those Americans who are demon-possessed (meaning almost everyone) come out and become combative and hysterical. Their behaviors are tantamount to being suicidal and having a death wish. These same people are coddling a religious cult of psychopaths who are hell-bent on their own extermination who live within our midst! Nothing could be more insane.

This is what happens to any empire or society at its bitter end. Excessive affluence leads to societal decadence, wanton sexual immorality, rejecting God, embracing occult practices and inheriting demon spirits from one’s forebears, all of which provide legal grounds for demon spirit possession. This phenomenon has been aggressively promoted by the Jews and their Freemason allies in America ever since the 1960s to destroy us from within. It has worked almost perfectly. But what these wicked fools fail to grasp is that YHWH (God) has allowed all of this to happen to bring about His perfect end times plan to destroy all of them forever.

So the next time you hear someone express sympathy for the families who lost loved ones at the Parkland High School shooting, demand to see hard evidence for the false narrative that is being claimed. Demand evidence that the event was not a deliberate false flag perpetrated upon us by our own government psychos. Relentlessly point out that we all know that our government, law enforcement and the media lie and are colluding with one another constantly. Then ask why the hell we should believe anything these proven liars are claiming today?

As for any form of gun control, we, the American people, ought to be making it clear in no uncertain terms, that the only way government terrorists will consent to removing our ability to defend ourselves from them with firearms is by removing our weapons from our cold, dead hands. Those demanding further gun control laws are demagogues and need to be treated as such.

The way to stop the endless false flag events perpetrated by our own government terrorist criminals is to rise up and demand that the root cause of this horror be made the #1 issue in America: ban and deport all Jews and Freemasons from our shores immediately without any debate or further discussion. You don’t debate with terrorists. You kill them or contain them with overwhelming firepower. As for me, I would prefer that they all be killed, but at the very least we must remove them from our midst without further delay. I for one, have no intention of being one of the victims of their plans to exterminate all non-Jews. Do you?

Poem: Guns by Darl Dinger

When I was young
I had so much fun
after my mother
bought me a toy gun.

When I grew older
I hunted for meat
those were the lean years
we needed something to eat.

There are many people
just like myself
they learned to use a gun
they left it on the shelf.

But these lying Jews
would have you give up your right
so as not being able to defend yourself
when it comes down to the fight.

Guns never killed anyone
but many people do
if you listen to political liars
the next victims may be you.

You have lost your freedom
you believe these Jewish lies
you will have no protection
as you watch your children die.

Wake up, you Americans
for your fate you must stand
stop listening to all the lies
stand up with your gun in your hand.

You may think me crazy
you may think me mad
but if you give up your guns
the only ones that will have them will be bad.

Yes, your government is a liar
they are under Jewish control
will you listen to their lies
or will you answer liberty’s call?

Now as for me
my gun is my friend
if they want it bad enough
take it out of my dead hand.

Poem: Anti-Semitism by Darl Dinger

it is the Jews’ choice
by this made-up lie
they silence the people’s voice.

They lie to you people
every woman and man
stealing all your wealth
taking all that they can.

Now the state of Israel
lives on American welfare
stealing from all nations
but they really don’t care.

They live high on the hog
from all their stolen gain
they don’t care about you goyim
causing many people pain.

There are many preachers
who support these lying Jews
when they stand in judgment
they will get the bad news.

Now all you preachers
I would honestly tell
that all liars
will end up in hell.

Yes, I am an Anti-Semite
of this have no doubt
when it comes to the lying Jews
I say, throw the liars out!

Poem: The Fig Tree: Mark 11:14 by Darl Dinger

Look at the fig tree
all leaves and no fruit
it is all unbelieving Jews
to whom Jesus gave the boot.

Kicked out of the kingdom
for their unbelief
they rejected the true God
and believed a thief.

You shall be as gods
they heard the thief say
they believed Satan’s lies
they have all gone astray.

Jesus cursed the fig tree
as only leaves it bore
He said no one shall eat fruit
from thee ever more.

Now preachers follow
all the Jewish lies
leading many to hell
as their souls slowly die.

Come out of her, My people
I heard the Spirit cry
if you follow the Jew
then you will surely die.